What are the names of men's pants with elastic at the bottom

Men's and women's pants have many options. Among the most popular sports models featured pants with elastic at the bottom. They are preferred by lovers of convenience and comfort. This article will learn about their main features.

Tightened at the bottom of the pants with elastic at the very end of the product are called joggers. They are considered a modern variation of the once popular element of underwear - underpants.

Joggers - products from soft fabrics of a free simple cut with a standard fit. Their main task is to provide comfort and heat preservation.

If joggers use patch pockets of various sizes as an addition, the product is called cargo. Strong fabrics are used for their tailoring. Pants came in modern fashion from the British military equipment. The side pockets are usually deep, this provides them with wide functionality.

Joggers Features

  1. An elastic band at the end of each leg. The classic version of the part is a thin line at the very end of the product. But some models vary its appearance to a wide elastic band.

    Depending on this drapery, the product belongs to different styles: from casual to sport chic.
  2. Fabric: The standard material is thick cotton, it provides maximum comfort and fits any wardrobe. There are options from flax, knitwear or denim.
  3. Colors. Basically, the gamut is monotonous and calm: valuable color, gray, swamp, brown, beige. Variations of the color scheme and prints are used in specific styles: khaki for military style, floral ornaments for ethnic.


  1. Joggers with wide cuffs. The style is mostly narrowed, so the relief of the legs and the features of the figure are emphasized.
  2. Skinny. Due to the fact that the rubber at the end of the product has high strength, the product is worn for a very long time.
  3. In the style of military. Suitable for military style. The main color scheme is limited: khaki, green, brown. A stiff and dense fabric is used, which provides high strength and wear resistance.

    Combined with coarse shoes of similar shades.
  4. Summer version of thin fabrics: linen, knitwear. There are shortened options that cover the ankle. Convenient in the heat, while walking, playing sports.
  5. Cargo. Canvas joggers with pockets.
  6. Denim option. It is combined with almost any clothes and styles.

Who is suitable for

Holders of long and slender legs will suit any styles and variations in color, texture, fit, along the line of the step seam.

Owners of other types of figures should focus on certain models. For people of short stature, monophonic classic styles made of dense materials are suitable. As a pattern, you can select straight horizontal stripes.

If the legs are long, but the cable is slightly shortened, options with a lowered line of the stepping seam are suitable. Shades: catchy, with characteristic patterns. For those who do not consider their hips to be slim, cargo is recommended.

If the hips are too full, you should exclude the juggins from the wardrobe.

What to wear

Joggers go great with street style, sport chic and casual style. All are suitable for everyday wear.

For the latter, you can choose denim products made of dense fabric and with a small rubber around the edge of the leg. It is supplemented with a tucked-in shirt, sweater, sweater, jacket. From shoes, the most classic options are used. Less tight trousers go well with a casual shirt with rolled up sleeves and a T-shirt. As accessories, a backpack, sneakers and stylish glasses are suitable.

For sports chic, a shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie is selected.