What are men's underpants called?

A large number of styles of male underpants sometimes leads into a stupor of men and women when they try to make a choice in favor of a particular model. To avoid this situation, you should understand the whole variety of men's underwear. So what are they called and what are they?

The names of men's underpants

Today there is a fairly wide variety of men's underpants. All of them differ in style, length, degree of body fit, shape. But, not everyone knows how one model differs from another. In order to choose exactly what suits everyone, depending on individual preferences and situation, you should familiarize yourself with the variety of styles.


Boxers are knitted shorts that fit the figure and have a special slot in the front that is also called codpiece. Boxers may vary in length. Classical is the length of the leg, the edge of which is spaced from the perineum to the width of one palm.

There is also a sports option for boxers . Their distinctive feature is that their cut is made more free in comparison with the classic ones. The sports version of the laundry has cutouts on the sides that allow more air between the body and the product.

Hips - this is another type of boxer that features a low waistline and the absence of legs. That is, the outer part of the thigh in such a model is bare as much as possible, and only the front and back of the torso are closed. The lateral part in hips can vary from 9 to 20 cm along the seam line. Thus, the lower edge of the pants is at the level of the perineum. Often a hip model is used to create swimming trunks. In this case, instead of the usual knitwear, fabric with elastane is used.

Jocky - this version of boxers has an even narrower side. It now reaches sizes up to 8 cm. The fabric in this model should fit the body tightly.

Family underpants

Family underpants appeared about 100 years ago and gained great popularity. This is due to the fact that they are comfortable, they do not exert excessive pressure and the air flows in them unhindered. Family underpants are sewn from cotton fabric, which makes them as environmentally friendly as possible in relation to the human body. Their design is reminiscent of boxers, but without body hugging.

Important! When choosing family briefs, it is worth giving preference to those made of softer cotton so that the laundry does not rub the skin.

Underpants-shorts - such a model is somewhere in the middle between family men and hips. They are short shorts, the fabric of which half-fits the body.


Briefs-thongs - an erotic version of men's underwear, which is a properly tailored triangle in front. Instead of the posterior gluteal part, a narrow strip of tissue is used, which goes into the lateral parts and connects to the anterior triangle. Sometimes laces are used instead of side woven parts.


These underpants are somewhat reminiscent of thongs, but only their gluteal part is not so open. In principle, it can completely cover the buttock or partially open it. The lateral strip can be very narrow or be like that of jocks. Bikinis are most often used as swimming trunks.


This type of linen is different in that it has elastic bands in its lateral part, rather than fabric strips. In front, the design looks like a triangle. The buttock muscle is completely or partially closed behind. At the same time, the thigh area becomes as bare as possible.

Swimming trunks

Swimming trunks and coward-slips have much in common; they partially expose the thigh in front. But the buttock can be either completely closed or ajar for a certain part.

Briefs differ in that their hips are covered more. Both designs fit tightly around the tree, so they are comfortable to wear under tight, tight trousers.

Panties with a sink

Panties with a sink can be of any style. But their distinctive feature is that on the front of the structure has a special recess for the genitals. This provides comfortable wearing.

Underpants - Pouch

This design is the most open, unlike all the previous ones. It is a special bag that is worn on the genitals. And the whole structure is fixed to the strap at the waist.

Important! All models of linen that are made of fabrics that tightly fit the body should not be worn all day. It is good if at home it changes to a freer one, which allows the body to breathe and not be constrained.

Such a variety of types of men's underwear gives a rich choice to the strong half of humanity. For any situation, you can pick up cowards that will match the place and circumstance.