What are high-top sneakers called?

Sneakers on a high platform have long captivated the hearts of many fashionistas. And with each season their species more. How to find and choose exactly the ones you like? We will tell you what species are and how they are called.

Types and names of platform sneakers

At the moment, 3 types of such shoes can be clearly distinguished.


Models with rubberized soles, the upper is made of textile, leather or artificial leather. Fastening: flypapers, fasteners, lacing. Hybrid sneakers and shoes. They are suitable for socks in the demi-season (sometimes in winter), in this case, the tailoring material is suede. The sole is embossed, so the shoes do not slip, ensuring safety. Combined with jeans, skirts of different lengths. Various attritions on clothes will help to complement the image - an attribute of a daring street style. Due to the convenience they are suitable for long walks, trips to a night club, and cinema.

REFERENCE. There are specialized models for dancing.


Sneakers with a high sole (7-8 cm), the top is made of textile. Initially used as beach shoes (the platform was lower), then they moved to the sports field (in the 70s of the last century they were an obligatory element of a sports school uniform in England). Currently used as shoes for everyday wear.


French designer Isabelle Marant invented comfortable, stylish shoes with hidden heels. In shape, they resemble sneakers, but have a higher wedge. Unlike sneakers, the tongue is not visible on them, and in addition to lacing, Velcro is used. Inside the arrowroot are made of soft leather. For the upper part, suede, leather are used, combinations of materials are created. To ensure ventilation, they are equipped with a mesh coating. The height of the wedge heights reaches 8 cm. There are warm options for the colder seasons. The color palette is diverse. These branded arrowheads are made by hand, which affects their cost.

Arrowheads are often called snickers.


  1. Short girls often resort to high heel shoes to visually increase their height. But they are less comfortable than sports models. Therefore, sneakers on the platform are ideal for those who want to visually lengthen their legs, make them slimmer, while not losing comfort and convenience.
  2. Comfort. Such shoes do not rub, a high stroke on them is practically not noticeable when worn.
  3. Diversity. There are several varieties of such sneakers, various color schemes and styles. By carefully choosing, it is easy to find several pairs for suitable cases.


  1. Not intended for sports. In no case do you need to do jogging, fitness, yoga in such sneakers. Specialized models have special insoles, a shock-absorbing sole, and reliable fixation of the legs. Sneakers on the platform are designed for everyday wear outside the hall or stadium, so they are not equipped with the necessary sports features.
  2. Embossed sole allows you to not slip.
  3. Some models are very massive. When choosing a pair for daily wear, long walks, it is better to opt for a less difficult option.
  4. The color palette is almost unlimited, so they are combined with many styles and wardrobe items.
  5. Street style attribute, worth wearing on occasion. Such shoes are not suitable for a date, going to the theater or to a social event.
  6. Often complement the image of golf.
  7. For those who have a high arch, it is recommended to buy sneakers with a cushioning function.