What are fingerless gloves for sports called?

Fingerless sports gloves are distinguished by the strength of the seams, the overall wear resistance and excellent absorbency. They help keep hands dry during strenuous workouts . They are tight enough to fit, but at the same time, a “greenhouse effect” is not created inside them. The skin breathes, and the accessory itself is almost not felt on the hands.

Fingerless Gloves Name

They are called open-finger gloves, athletic gloves, mitts and glovelettes. In everyday life, any of these options is used without taking into account the type of model, but in fact the difference between the mitts and glovelettes is significant. The former do not have compartments for 4 fingers, only a large one is separated by a wall of fabric. The second type of accessory has jumpers between all fingers.


Mitts are a common name for all accessories with shortened “covers” for fingers and jumpers between them. Specifically , a man needs athletic gloves in the gym . The area of ​​the palms of their hands is covered with anti-slip material, which maintains the athlete’s safety level during training on weight training equipment and performing exercises with dumbbells.


Designers more fully and thoroughly work out mitts and glovelettes intended for girls. That is why the range of women's haberdashery for fitness is wider. Moreover, this category of goods includes not only training accessories, but also models that, according to their characteristics, fall into the category of sports things.

Important! Fitness gloves allow you to keep the manicure safe and sound.

Where did they come from?

An analogue of modern mitts appeared even in Ancient Egypt. Then, for a long time, gloves were the property of the upper classes of society and privileged organizations. Ladies appreciated them for the opportunity to demonstrate jewelry, men used to emphasize the position or to indicate belonging to certain circles.

Important! Unlike mitts, glovelettes arose relatively recently - in the 20th century. The concept of the model originated in informal circles, that is, this accessory has never been part of the image of an aristocrat.

Who can wear them?

They are in demand in all cases where manual dexterity is required. They are easy to do:

  • counting money;
  • pressing a small button on the panel in the car;
  • unfastening and fastening the lock with a small dog;
  • button manipulation;
  • horizontal bar exercise;
  • capture in the ring;
  • strength training.

Glovelettes and mitts are literally created for small work on the street . That is why tourists who go on a long hike often turn to them. Open fingers allow these people to cope with any tasks for the improvement of the temporary camp, without exposing their hands and risking hypothermia.

Not only hiking enthusiasts, but also representatives of other social groups that are completely unrelated to tourism, resort to mittens . Someone wears them on the street because of the convenience of using a smartphone and reader, others at work (for example, sellers and controllers), and others during sports. Most often, arrows and visitors to fitness centers turn to them. Gloves help to avoid calluses and injuries caused by the high pace of training and slipping of fingers from sports equipment during strength training. With them, the likelihood of infection is reduced.

Important! Mittens are a great way to protect yourself from infection in common areas. For example, in public transport or in the gym.

They are ideal helpers for bikers and motorists. On the one hand, they avoid turning the steering wheel in the hands due to the closed area of ​​the palms, on the other hand, they do not interfere with the fingers to show natural flexibility, grip.