What are the differences between fashion and style

Each of us is unique, we differ in hair color, character, habits - then why are we striving to buy the same jeans? In my opinion, this is due to the substitution of the concepts of “fashion” and “style”. I suggest recalling how they differ from each other.

Is fashion and style equivalent?

To answer the question, one should turn to the definitions of these two concepts.

Fashion is an image prescribed by society, a set of certain rules that the majority follows. Style is an internal state of the soul, reflected in appearance . Unlike changeable fashion, each of us selects her own dressing style independently, guided by taste, needs and comfort. Of course, the ability to dress both fashionably and stylishly will become aerobatics!

It is difficult to talk about the equivalence of these two concepts, since they are based on completely different premises: to dress like everyone else or to stand out from the crowd. Harmonious and original images can tell a lot about the character and create the right first impression.

What does fashion mean?

This is an eternal change of priorities, experiments in forms that give impetus to a creative search. First of all, it is influenced by the mood of society, ideals and aspirations.

For example, now we see a total enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, gyms and proper nutrition, which is why sports chic and comfort in clothes are so popular.

Do not forget about the ideals of the female body! When the cult of a lean body arose, tight-fitting clothing became extremely popular. Public morality also affects the degree of openness of dresses and the length of the skirt. We get a kind of mirror that reflects the state of society in this particular period of time.

As in any business, demand creates supply, so popular trends are mercilessly exploited and promoted in all available ways. But at the same time, they testify to the desire to change and look for new sensations, avoiding stagnation. It is with the help of fashion trends that we develop taste and a sense of proportion, coming to our own image.

Style - is it in fashion?

Style is a reflection of inner feelings through a corresponding external flare, therefore, first of all, when choosing a new one, for example, a skirt, you should listen to yourself and try on a new thing only for yourself, and not copy a beautiful picture from a magazine or blog. This is a personality style, its formation is affected by age, preferences, lifestyle, religion and social status. A stylish person constantly stands out against the general background, often attracting more attention to himself than other people of the same age and social status who are equally “packed”.

You need to pay more attention to your own personality, trying to find yourself in the flow of fashion trends, to learn how to process the advice of stylists of popular blogs in your favor. It is necessary to constantly work on the image, but the end result will be worth it. Perhaps that is why we are witnessing a tendency towards a universal search for our own style. These are two sides of the same coin, they are inextricably linked forever. It is not necessary to exclude one thing, the most correct decision is to measure to complement the personal style of dressing with new finds of designers.