What are cowards?

This type of clothing is the most ancient of those that have reached modern mankind, having, of course, undergone not only transformation, but also a whole evolution. In order to understand the variety of models, purposes and designs, it is worth reading this article.

Definition and purpose of the type of clothing

Underpants are a type of clothing that can be attributed to a group of underwear, and classified according to the conditions of their operation and model-structural features . This type of clothing, like everyone else, can vary and be classified depending on such signs as:

  1. Age group - there are children and adults.
  2. The purpose of the product is for everyday wear as underwear, for playing sports, for swimming in the sea and pool, for providing heat, as outerwear (most often for creating certain stage images).
  3. By gender - male and female.
  4. The material from which they are made is cotton, knitwear, elastic fabrics.
  5. Styles and designs, and accordingly the specificity of the cut created at the same time, are the most diverse from thongs to drawers.

Description of the structure and details

The design of women's underpants is slightly different from men's. The main parts included in the product are:

  • front end;
  • back part - may not exist in individual models;
  • gusset;
  • elastic girdle;
  • edging for leg cuts made of elastic braid.

If we talk about men's underpants, then they have in their cut the following components:

  • front end;
  • rear end;
  • elastic waistband - elastic is used in family shorts;
  • insert, or so-called wedge.

From the name of the front and rear, their constructive purpose becomes apparent. Gusset is a part that is made in the form of a hemmed part made of fabric and located in the genital area of ​​a woman. And for men, a wedge (insert) serves for this, which, as a rule, has a double layer of fabric - external and internal.

Varieties of cowards

  1. Women's underpants, whatever their design, serve as underwear. Some of them are used to achieve a certain level of comfort in terms of heat, while others are designed to seduce.
  2. Men's and women's underpants also have a large number of styles. Here there are more comfortable options that you can use to wear at home, in others it is more convenient to play sports. Well, and, of course, could not do without seductive styles of linen, which uses a strong floor.
  3. Children's panties are also divided according to the gender of the child. But such a division is absent in the youngest children.
  4. Bathing shorts, otherwise swimming trunks, are distinguished by the fact that special fabrics are used to create them, which have increased elasticity and do not become heavy after getting wet. They are male and female, and children's.
  5. Wrestling shorts (tights) - are special clothing designed with all the needs of athletes. In order for the model to sit securely on the body, it has special straps that are thrown over the shoulders.

What materials are they made of?

The material that is used in a particular model depends directly on the purpose of the product.

So, if a thing is worn daily, it is best that it has as many natural fibers in its composition . To do this, the manufacturer uses cotton fabric or mixed fibers, which allow you to get a more elastic canvas and provide a tight fit panties.

If this is a bathing model, then polyester, polyamide, lycra, nylon are used here.

By the way, most of these synthetic fibers are used to make sports models. Their improved elasticity allows you to not hamper the movement.