What are chukka boots?

The modern world, which is developing very dynamically, requires more responsiveness and ease of movement from people. In this regard, both men and women need comfortable shoes.

Women often use items of clothing and footwear for men.

Chukka boots are exactly the element that migrated from the men's wardrobe to the women's.

Definition of Chukka boots

Shoes, ankle-high, or slightly lower, having 2-3 holes for the laces (in the base model), are called chukka.

The sole of the shoe has a wide small heel, sometimes flat. Chukku is distinguished by a round flat toe, thin laces and the fact that they are sewn from two whole-cut parts.

Shoe features

The Chukka model is quite easy to confuse with other types of shoes, for example, with deserts. Sometimes only experts and manufacturers can tell for sure what style it is. But Chukki fit much easier in any wardrobe.

A feature of the shoes is the sole, which is made of leather or rubber.

Male and female models do not have large differences. The only difference is the heel, in the female version it can be higher than in the classic model.

Important! Boots are demi-season; they are very practical in any weather.

Many companies produce high-quality practically non-wearable shoes. Brand models are quite expensive, they are created only from natural materials. These shoes require special care and do not allow formal drying on the battery.

Chukka - very convenient for moving. They have a unisex style, which allows them to be in both men's and women's wardrobes. They are practical and easy to combine with almost any style of clothing. An exception is an evening outfit.

For men, chinos or jeans will be an ideal combination to Chukks; sweater, polo shirt or check shirt. For a festive exit, white is suitable. Organically, these shoes will also look with a business suit if the meeting is unofficial.

Advice! Not the best option - a combination of boots with classic trousers.

It is not customary to wear them with a strict suit; they will not replace oxfords.

Women can combine boots with skinny cropped trousers and jeans. This model looks interesting with long flared skirts, with shorts, tunics and miniskirts.

In the warm season, Chukki are worn without socks. In cold weather they are worn with socks that should not be visible, or be long and match the color of the shoes.

From outerwear, boots can be combined with a coat or cloak (both with short models and with extra long ones), with a jacket or windbreaker.

It will be interesting to combine a straight or fitted coat of medium length and boots, you can pick up a small handbag to match them.

It is relevant to wear leggings with these shoes. This is especially appropriate if you have thin ankles.

Advice! For a fresher, youthful look, you can use colored shoelaces.

Chukki look perfect with shortened trousers, with the emphasis on the lower legs.

Having such shoes in your wardrobe, you can freely change your image.

Why are they popular and relevant for many years? The answer is simple, just put on chukki once and you will feel that natural, lightweight materials do not burden the leg. You can walk in them for a long time and without stress.

Boot history

Chukka was used by British soldiers in the Indian Desert Campaign. It was the perfect footwear for the climate of India, where it is very hot, humid and unbearable to wear high boots. In the 1920s, the Duke of Windsor visited Indian garrisons. He liked the shoes of the soldiers, and he brought with him several pairs. As a result, a new style of shoes appeared.

They were first presented at an exhibition in Chicago in 1950. The first manufacturer of such shoes, Crockett & Jones, released this particular model for playing polo in the 1950s. The word "chukka" comes from the English "chucker" - the period of the game of polo. The convenience of this shoe did not go unnoticed, and by the middle of the twentieth century, most men in Europe wore it.

Now Chukka boots are a classic example. They are one of the components of casual style, very versatile and creative.

Materials and trendy colors

Reference! Initially, the upper boot was made of calfskin without lining.

At the present stage, they are also made unlined, but from different materials:

  • skin
  • suede;
  • nubuck;
  • textile.

The most common materials are leather and suede. Unlined, because they were originally worn in warm countries.

The color scheme used is the most diverse.

Dark boots (black, brown, gray) are bought more often than others.

When choosing the color of shoes, you can complement the image with such accessories as:

  • backpack;
  • large bracelet;
  • tie or scarf (the same shade as chukki).

Leather Chukki is an excellent protection against the vagaries of the weather and an indicator of impeccable taste.

This model is practical, comfortable and stylish. Among young people, it is especially popular and provides an excuse to replace sneakers in daily use.

Despite its long history, which began in the forties of the twentieth century, Chukka boots remain at the peak of fashion today. The range is much higher than the original. Chukka boots are recognized by men and women of different levels of affluence.

Get a pair of Chukka boots and you will never regret it, and, perhaps, will become their adherent for many years.