What annoys us in the clothes of others

The phrase accidentally heard in the transport touched. Two ladies talked to each other, and did it so loudly that we, those around us, involuntarily heard everything. One of them said rather sharply to her son’s wife: “It just infuriates me how she dresses!” I was already leaving, and what I heard was stuck in my head, making me wonder: why are we so disloyal to the clothes of others? After all, I sometimes had the thought, looking at a friend or stranger: I can not stand it when I dress like that! I asked my friends, they also know this.

What most often do not like in the clothes of others

This is what most often causes internal disagreement in the image of another person.

Mini shorts at full

Short (for some - excessively!) Shorts do not adorn full women. It looks, to put it mildly, “not very”. Additional "minus" are bulging pockets . High socks or leggings, worn with shorts, do not correct the situation.

Important! Longer shorts hide unattractive volumes and allow women to look stylish in body and age.

Straps in sight

Straps that are visible in large necklines on a T-shirt or dress have been deprecated for a long time.

I will not grumble that in "our time" it was impossible to imagine such a thing.

But I must admit that it annoys me too! Especially when the straps look clearly stale . And so much has already been written how to hide them - no, we are forced to watch them again and again!

Cowards that are visible

Low-rise jeans often play a trick on a girl. Once she crouches or bends over, and the thong is in sight.

They can be quite nice. Nevertheless, they also do not cause sympathy among others. And they do not like their appearance, not only grannies or stern ladies aged. Men also often call them among female "minuses."

Socks and slippers

Strong sex also misses! Perhaps this seems right and comfortable for men, but from the outside it looks awful!

And if you do not trifle?

Probably, in private communication and in numerous forums you can find more than one example of what causes irritation in the clothes of others. But in the above examples, common points are noticeable that different people do not like.

Excessive frankness

The property of others may be different: straps from a bra, male or female underpants, overly open parts of the body, etc. In any case, most often people do not feel delight from observing what is usually hidden.

Dirty, unwashed, groomed

Enhances irritation in cases when you have to see a stale underwear, unwashed body, unkempt hair, etc.


From the side, as they say, it’s more visible ... Probably, therefore, other people's mistakes are more noticeable to us than ours. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in making their bow so that it does not annoy others. And instead of the desired harmony, we increasingly see annoying discrepancies .

  • Clothing not of age becomes a problem for women who notice that they hear the word “girl” less and less. Wanting to look younger, they put on things that, on the contrary, speak frankly about their age .

  • Unsuitable clothes - another mistake! Indeed, in this case, the imperfections of the figure not only become noticeable, they just stick out, "climb" into the eyes.

IMPORTANT! The most fashionable things can look unattractive if the ladies do not take into account the features of their figure.

  • Color inconsistencies also often cause condemnation. Although we are all used to repeating that “there is no companion for the taste and color”, it’s good to learn how to evaluate the whole bow as a whole, imagining how the individual details of the wardrobe will combine. Sloppiness rarely anyone likes !
  • Excessive thoroughness, demonstrative thoughtfulness in the selection of accessories. Yes Yes! This is also not universally evaluated positively!

What do you dislike about the clothes of others?