At what age to wear pearl beads?

Is it true that pearls add to a woman's age? What to wear this exquisite jewelry with? We will try to answer these and other questions today.

How to wear pearls

This mineral has become widely popular with the light hand of trendsetter Coco Chanel. Until that moment, only secular ladies wore it for special celebrations.

Nowadays, pearl beads are worn with different clothes, regardless of whether it is combined with it or not.

Stylists recommend taking into account:

  1. Thread length : for thin women with a thin neck, a collar necklace is suitable, while long single beads go well with an evening cut dress.
  2. Diameter of pearls : girls - no more than 6 mm, ladies - over 8 mm.
  3. Skin color : it is better to swarthy to buy a golden set of earrings and a bracelet, for blondes and red - a string of pink pearls. White is versatile and can be worn by everyone.

The creators of sophisticated "pearl" images are the famous Sarah Jessica Parker, Milla Jovovich, Angelina Jolie and others.

How to choose a pearl beads?

Pearl jewelry is elegance and style. But they must be correctly selected to the individual image. The quality of jewelry and the ability to present oneself is an important component of female beauty.

Two varieties of beads are known :

  • classic from natural pearls;
  • author's development of designers with the addition of natural stones.


  • Traditional "choker" - 40 cm . Looks stylish with a neckline boat or V-neck.

Important! Do not wear with clothes on the straps.

  • "Princess" - 45 cm . Suitable for all ages and types of dresses - from simple blouses and turtlenecks to evening dresses.
  • "Matina" - 55 cm. Such beads visually lengthen the neck. They can be combined with a different length, at least in the office, at least at a party.
  • "Opera" - 90 cm. Flawless and elegant at evening celebrations. Until 17-00 it is preferable to wear folded in half or tied in a knot on the chest.
  • “Rope” - 135 cm. Popular universal “rope”. It is worn both unfolded and folded. Sometimes they are tied to a Charleston knot.

What do pearl beads go with?

Be guided by your taste and inner flair. Experts do not recommend wearing pearls every day . Its restrained elegance is in perfect harmony with the feminine business image and formal attire.

Fashionable bows for girls:

  • simple, elegant evening dress made of silk or velvet fabric + short beads + earrings with pearls;
  • simple jeans and a sweater + ring with pearls.

For an official reception, ladies are better off wearing a fashionable classic set or neutral beads made of small pearls with a pendant.

In spring and autumn, boldly wear a mix of threads of different lengths, the size of pearls can also be different. The main thing is not to overdo it.

It is recommended to combine pearls with ruby, zircon, chrysolite, aquamarine, opal, beryl or coral.

He can become a talisman, it is believed that he protects the hostess from all adversities.

Rings with pearls are worn with pleasure by ballerinas, actresses and athletes. Women are confident that their health will be significantly improved if the jewelry is on the index finger. In the trend, beads from several strings of pearls paired with earrings.

How old are pearls?

It is believed that this wonderful mineral is suitable specifically for adult women. Pearls, especially black, will add age to young girls.

The pearl is a symbol of pure innocence, good mood and selfless loyalty. A variety of forms and style - this is the "horse" of fashionable jewelry. Ladies will suit both classic jewelry and modern jewelry with large pearls.

For young people, “chokers” or “opera” are perfect, but not beads.

Advice! Large designer earrings with a decor of colored pearls or “pusets” look great with a leather jacket.

Pearl Colors

It is sometimes difficult to choose among a huge variety. White, pink, lavender, green, gray, black. They brightly shimmer with a variety of colors.

First, decide on the color. Even ordinary whites are full of many shades of pink, silver and cream.

The surest way is to pick pearls to match your face tone. Experts propose to attach a thread to the back of the hand. And everything will immediately become clear.

Femininity and elegance are about pearls. The main thing is to choose exactly what you need from the whole abundance of jewelry.