Wellsoft or fleece, which is better

And this is interesting! The microfibre structure from which the fabric is made is hundreds of times finer than the structure of a human hair. Exfoliating one synthetic thread can actually get up to 25 fibers, so velsoft is much lighter than genuine silk, wool, cotton. But at the same time, the fabric has a high density.


A thin pile fabric created from polyester threads and combining contrasts. According to the tactile sensations, the fabric is very delicate and soft, but at the same time it has great wear resistance. Wellsoft is also quite light, but durable and incredibly warm. Due to its texture, the fabric is widely used in the tailoring of children's things, home textiles, and some items of winter clothing.


  • Very warm material due to its long pile;
  • Does not lose its softness and original appearance, even after repeated washing;
  • Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly;
  • Known for its antibacterial properties;
  • Dries quickly after washing;
  • Withstands increased loads;
  • It does not sit and crumple.


  • Too voluminous;
  • Poorly removes moisture, promotes increased sweating;
  • Soft, loses shape.

Important! When choosing a product from this fabric, it is worth paying attention to the quality of tailoring, pattern and seams. Flat loops, an asymmetric pattern, worn or oily spots and uneven seams emphasize the poor quality of the canvas.


As well as velsoft, it is a synthetic type of fabric made of polyester. This is a fleecy material used mainly for warm clothes of all ages. According to their features and characteristics, fleece is produced differently: one-sided, two-sided, thin, dense, and sometimes necessary polymers are added to give the fabric special properties.


  • Moisture resistant;
  • Excellent temperature preservation;
  • Hypoallergenicity and ability to air exchange;
  • It is light, soft and elastic;
  • Easy to take care of him.


  • Dumpability;
  • Frequent washing quickly loses shape;
  • Also, like velsoft, fleece does not take moisture well, so sweat glands work actively with intense movements;
  • It does not have wear resistance, i.e. with frequent wear it quickly loses its original appearance.

Important! The care for these two materials is the same. You can not iron at high temperatures, otherwise you can simply melt the fabric. Wash at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees, do not use bleach with chlorine. Stains are removed very easily - with a normal soap solution, if the stain is ingrained, then alcohol will come to the rescue.

Comparing the two materials cited, it must be said that the consumer still prefers velsoft. It is certainly better, more practical and meets all the most important requirements and requirements of the buyer. If, as an example, we take the now fashionable pajamas - kigurumi, velsoft also definitely wins here. Firstly, pajamas from this type of fabric are warmer, and this is a significant advantage. Then the appearance follows - the clothes from the velsoft software look festive, but in addition they do not lose their original appearance. Speaking about how much the body breathes, the fleece also loses in this category. In addition, in the production of fleece is most susceptible to chemical processing. And velsoft is made according to international standards and is absolutely safe for both children and adults.

Important! Due to its low hygroscopicity it is impossible to purchase tracksuits from the presented materials. Both fleece and velsoft quickly absorb moisture and hold it for a long time on the surface of the skin, which causes discomfort, unpleasant odor and, at the same time, unsightly appearance.