Well, very strange clothes

A person is free to dress as he likes. The outfit should be comfortable, not restricting movements. At the same time, its owner must adhere to a certain style. Elegant clothes attract the eye, makes a person more self-confident. Some individuals forget this by pulling ridiculous things over themselves.

Bohemia went for a walk

Designers of this type of clothing and their clients, apparently, consider such clothes to be the latest fashion, and for most people around this “splendor” is bewildering. But since there is a demand for a product, it means there is a supply. How it justifies itself - judge for yourself.

Plastic jeans

The design by Topshop is called MOTO Straight Leg Jeans. To name a similar product with jeans, the tongue does not turn. Based on the words of the sales manager, these trousers are intended for costume evenings, carnivals, festivals. They are made of clear plastic. Price gizmos $ 100. Perhaps there is a person with beautiful slender legs, who decides to buy them. But most likely such trousers will cause ridicule of others.

Rusty jeans

This product was developed by PRPS. The management of Nordstrom, which launched it for sale for $ 425, believes that the "boiled sweets" covered with false rust embody the spirit of true hard work, demonstrates a real American who is not afraid to appear among people in dirty overalls. But in my opinion, a self-respecting person cannot afford to appear in society in such a "special uniform".


Gucci's new “squeak of fashion” caused a storm of indignation on social networks. Many consumers consider such shoes the most ugly, ridiculous ever created by man. Nevertheless, leather shoes with a built-in “toe” of latex are sold in stores at a price of $ 1, 190. In this case, the "sock" can be removed and walk in ordinary shoes. Invented clearly not for a simple buyer.

Torn Sneakers

Exclusive from designer Martin Margele, it looks like the shoes were chewing on a hungry dog ​​for two days, then for a couple of days she was lying in the rain, after which she was moved by a car. On fashionable light yellow basketballs, you will find torn, peeling skin, scratches, holes, from which pieces of the inner liner stick out. Do I have to pay $ 1, 425 for such shoes if I can go to a landfill and find even more battered “boots” for free there? ..

Sheer knee-length jeans

This exclusive Moto Clear Panel model was introduced by Mom Jeans in 2017 by Topshop. In the world of superfashionable things, and not such a thing can be met, but it remains a mystery, for which all the same inserts made of transparent plastic are made on the lap. Without a plastic patch, they would have looked more natural, and if necessary, one could refer to the attack of stray dogs.

All these products are invented by designers and are quite expensive. They are designed for people with high incomes. Moreover, their appearance is absolutely not consistent with the cost.

Denim half-jacket

Looking at this exclusive, you will not immediately understand what is put on the girl. Autumn jacket? Then why are the shoulders bare? Summer T-shirt? Long sleeve is misleading. Perhaps the girl was in a car accident and her jacket could not stand the friction on the asphalt ... there are many options. There is only one conclusion: the desire to look different from everyone else made her outfit absurd.

How do you like the removable legs

When you look at such “varenki”, you recall the famous feature film “The Diamond Arm”. There was something similar: "Pants turn ...". I just don’t know what to call such an outfit. Something akin to denim stockings attached to panties of the same material.

The best erotic lingerie

A swimsuit with a “hairy” pattern and skillfully drawn nipples will make men look back at its owner. Here are just doubts about the desire of the girl to hear comments about her sexual appearance. I don’t think they will be very flattering.

Two suspenders

Otherwise, this designer sophistication cannot be called. It's good that at least the shirt is long. Could and shorter ndet. What difference does it make people laugh.

Style is felt throughout

Indeed, the girl is dressed decently. A light T-shirt, elegant jeans emphasize a beautiful figure. The belt is moderately overpriced. That's just what the lower skirt is - remains a mystery. Maybe the lady just forgot to take her off?

“Do not judge, but you will not be judged, ” the Bible says. We do not judge. Everyone dresses as he likes. It's just too bad when absurdity is on a par with elegance. Or maybe people just don’t understand how ridiculous they look in such outfits?