Wedge Stars: Why Celebrities Love Such Shoes

Any woman knows that high-heeled shoes give her shape a harmonious and graceful look. But often this design, devoid of stability, is not particularly convenient for prolonged wear. After several hours spent on a hairpin, the legs swell. Often there is discomfort and pain. But you really want to look stylish and beautiful in any situation. This is especially true for public people. But there is a way out of a difficult situation, and many stars use it. They replace uncomfortable stilettos with elegant wedges .

Using this version of shoes, they can be on their feet for a long time on endless filming and rehearsals. And while not experiencing discomfort and fatigue in the legs.

What wedge shoes do the stars wear

Recently, wedge shoes can be increasingly seen on the shelves of our stores. Models with its use are becoming especially popular. And celebrities often appear in public in them.

Olga Buzova

Famous Russian TV presenter, actress, singer. Always bright and stylish, she is one of the trendsetters in our country . The images she created have a lot of fans.

Look at least for these three combinations. These sandals can be used for various purposes.

  • Strict appearance - in dark blue with white colors.
  • For leisurely walks and informal meetings - a beige-golden version
  • For the publication of an elegant combination of black and gold .

Alla Pugacheva

Alla Borisovna is the prima donna of our show business. A whole era is associated with it. She loves to shock the audience with unusual extravagant outfits. And shoes of this type firmly took their place in her wardrobe.

An example is white wedge ankle boots . The undoubted convenience of such a design is perfectly combined with a charming appearance.

Important! In such shoes, women's legs look slimmer and visually give their owner additional growth.

Anastasia Volochkova

Talented ballerina with a capital letter. Her merits and talent are recognized not only in our country, but also abroad.

In black open shoes on a high platform, slender legs seem even longer. And black color gives elegance and complements the severity of the outfit.

Angelina Jolie

A beautiful woman, a talented actress and a beautiful mother for her adoptive children also managed to be noted in shoes on wedges.

In this picture, the actress is captured in an unusual, homely way. Her strict beige, patent-leather shoes with a low wedge heel perfectly harmonize with the overall style of the outfit, and also give charm and harmony to the look.

Selena Gomez

Sparkling American actress and singer. She also periodically uses this option shoes.

This is evidenced by beautiful blue shoes that perfectly complement her marine-style outfit.

Natalia Oreiro

The famous "Wild Angel", from the premiere of which began her journey to the heart of the Russian audience. In addition, she sings beautifully.

The actress loves the image of a sort of tomboy or innocent youth. T -red sandals on a cork wedge heels in addition to a striped sundress help her with this.


American singer with a scandalous reputation. She always loved to shock the audience with original bold outfits and unusual shoes.

And black and white wedge shoes were no exception. This little thing looks very unusual, but the miracle, oddly enough, it goes.

The benefits of wedge shoes

Considering the features of the model, you can identify several qualities that make it the undoubted leader in front of other types of shoes.

  • You can combine such products with almost all elements of the wardrobe .
  • While walking, the foot rests on the sole evenly, which reduces fatigue .

Attention! If you have full ankles, then this shoe is definitely for you. It helps to visually smooth out this drawback.

  • This type of shoe allows you to visually stretch the silhouette.

A wedge heel no less than heels allows you to look elegant, but does not cause those problems that are familiar to all women who prefer to add their own height with shoes.