Wedding of Potap and Nastya: what outfits the newlyweds chose

Surely you have already heard about the main triumph of Ukrainian show business, which was held recently. I mean the wedding of Potap and Nastya Kamensky. The celebration took place on May 23, 2019 in an elite restaurant near Kiev. The ceremony itself took place there, on the summer terrace, where an exclusive wedding arch was mounted. Great lovers of impressions, the newlyweds invited Elena Gorova, the bridegroom's ex-wife, to the bride's girlfriend. They say that the guys still maintain warm relations, and besides, they conduct a joint business. In addition, the entire elite of the Ukrainian show business was invited to the wedding. But the wedding primarily draws attention to the young. Everyone is interested in what they will say important words about readiness for a new stage of life.

Elegant bride's outfits

You can argue for a long time about the taste preferences in the clothes of Nastya Kamensky, but we will not get involved in these discussions. We only agree that Nastya is a great fashionista.

And, like a real fashionista, the bride had two elegant wedding dresses at once! And both deserve our attention.

Dress One - Formal

The dress was chosen at the Novias Luxury Bridal Store. The heart of the singer won the Israeli brand Galia Lahav .

Reference! The brand is famous for its handmade embroideries and the finest lace.

The cost of an exclusive outfit is tentatively estimated by specialists from 7 thousand dollars .

It is layered, fitted, decorated with expensive ultra-thin handmade lace and handmade embroidery. The special attention of the invited guests was attracted by the incredibly deep neckline .

In addition, the dress surprised guests with its additional features. After all, it is a transformer . The skirt changed during the celebration, creating a new image for the bride.

Of particular note is the deep shade of ivory (ivory), very soft and warm.

Among the memorable details that aroused interest were the features of the skirt.

  • The fishtail model turned out to be very successful not only for a wedding dress (such a cut is often used), but also for Nastya herself. Emphasizing her seductive figure, highlighting her hips, designating her legs, the dress “speaks” of the elegance and sexuality of the bride.
  • And the skirt became an example of the successful use of the fashion trend in 2019 - the mesh. It is planted on a tulle base and performs an important task. Thanks to the mesh, the dress looks lush, but does not seem heavy or massive.

By the way! It was the first wedding dress that so fitted the figure of the girl that scrupulous fans managed to suspect Nastya in pregnancy.

Well and, of course, a veil! She harmoniously blended with Nastya's wedding bow.

Dress the second - restrained

In the second dress, the bride was dressed at the time of cutting the cake. This model was executed in white, characterized by simplicity and convenience .

The presented outfit was also fitted, but more concise, not cluttered with lace and embroidery

Over the dress, the singer put on a delightful flying chiffon jacket .

What costume did Potap choose for marriage?

As for the groom, then, as expected from Alexei Potapenko, we did not see the classic black tailcoat . But instead he was wearing an amazing beige formal suit in company with a white shirt and ... sneakers .

Probably Potap would not have been Potap if he had come to his own wedding in a black tailcoat and classic shoes of the same color. In general, he looked pretty good. It has already been noted more than once that the outfits of the bride and groom harmoniously combined with each other.

By the way, not only Nastya, but Potap also changed clothes for cutting the cake. This time he was wearing a T-shirt and pants. True, the color remained still “wedding” - light.

We wish the same bright life together young!


Important! On the day of the wedding, the lovers posted on their pages on the social network Instagram a video for the song “Constant”.

Here they were also in wedding dresses. Potap - in a black suit with a bow tie, and Nastya - in an elegant white dress.

According to the artists, the song tells about the most intimate for them. About how their relationship developed, about why they hid them for a long time from prying eyes. In general, about the happy love of two ...