Wedding hairstyles with crown and veil

The girls who grew up on Disney production cartoons dream about beautiful wedding dresses, a diadem in a hairstyle and a veil. It is the bride’s hair styling that has recently been given much attention, and stylists return wedding images with crowns or tiaras to fashion.

Types of hairstyles with crown and veil

Such images at a wedding from ancient times are indispensable attributes of all regal persons. Today, not only members of royal families can afford such an accessory for the most important holiday in life, but also “mere mortals” who are not distinguished by regalia or titles.

Important! Looking for a real wedding for a wedding decorated with precious diamonds or emeralds is not worth it. Replace such a decoration can accessories made of high-quality alloys, complemented by semiprecious stones.

Depending on the shape and type, crowns for decorating wedding hairstyles are divided into:

  1. Headbands that attach to the hair. They are well suited to naves and high volumetric bundles.
  2. Combs with cloves. Combs not only decorate, but also participate in the fixation of hair.
  3. Round. This form looks good on loose hair, with a long veil.
  4. Crowns. They should not stand out against the general background, modestly emphasizing the elegance and sophistication of the bride’s outfit.
  5. Oriental. Jewelry of such a plan looks like brooches hanging on the forehead or whiskey, inlaid with stones and gems. A veil under such a crown must be selected in the form of a cape.

On short hair

Short haircuts are the main trend of the last few seasons. But this does not mean that modern brides should refuse the opportunity to try on the image of a princess or queen. In such cases, stylists recommend paying attention to diadem with fastening in the form of an elastic band, a rim or a comb.

Advice! You can create a voluminous bundle of short hair with the help of a backing roller and invisibility.

The success of the image with a crown and veil on short hair also depends on the choice of a wedding hairstyle for the type and shape of the face. Girls who wear short or elongated caret can opt for:

  • small, able to smooth the angularity of a triangular face, crowns with floral motifs;
  • tall products with peaks that can make the proportions of a round face regular;
  • wide and flat tiaras, emphasizing the refinement of the lines of the oval face.

Important! Owners of faces with rough rectangular features are not recommended to wear high crowns with peaks. A veil is mounted on the crest behind the crown.

On medium length hair

Hair shoulder length is considered the best option for creating hairstyles of varying complexity. Under the veil and crown, the hairdresser can make the bride:

  1. Neat bunch on the back of the head. Any crown or diadem is suitable for such styling. The veil is attached under the beam or on top of it, under the decoration.
  2. Laying with fleece. In this embodiment, the diadem or crown is placed in front. Small crowns placed on one side look original and appropriate with fleece. The veil is attached separately, from below.
  3. Curls and lush curls. Under such a hairstyle, you must choose accessories that are installed on top. In this case, the hair falls freely on the shoulders and back, the veil completely covers them. The more magnificent and elegant the dress, the richer the crown should be. Under the modest outfits of a simple cut and jewelry, the corresponding style is selected.
  4. Braids. Volumetric and long braids in the form of a fish tail can complement the hairstyle or be its main element. To decorate long magnificent braids, a thin diadem or a barely noticeable crown with a scallop is quite suitable.

On long hair

Long hair, no matter how it is styled, combined with a veil and crown are a win-win option. Well-groomed and shiny curls or straight locks will become the highlight of the whole image, give the bride femininity and sophistication.

Those who do not want to leave the strands loose can do:

  1. High beam. The crown in such a hairstyle can fulfill both a decorative and a functional role. This combination with a long and magnificent dress with a train looks especially successful.
  2. French braids. Braids are a good option for both long hair and medium length strands. The veil should cover such a hairstyle completely.

Asymmetric crowns decorated with decorative elements in the form of flowers, butterflies or branches look interesting and unusual on long hair. A similar decoration can be chosen for light, fluffy dresses and short veils.

With a long veil

A good example of how to choose a crown for a long veil, became Kate Middleton. Her wedding image was completely repeated by Cinderella's wedding outfit from the Walt Disney cartoon and became a real “wedding style icon”.

A small and elegant crown in tandem with a long veil will give the bride regal grandeur and at the same time emphasize her fragility and tenderness. This combination will be appropriate for the wedding ceremony in the church and is suitable for beautiful visiting ceremonies. The dress should not be too bright and overloaded with decorative elements. Simple and elegant cut, closed shoulders and back - the image of the princess is ready.

Complementing the wedding image with a crown, it is better to refuse other decorations. The ban applies to large earrings and massive bracelets.