Wedding dress code

Do you need a dress code at the wedding, and most importantly, what should it be like? This question is asked by many. It all depends on the wedding scenario, and you should not let this important part drift. After all, the right style of clothing makes it appropriate for the celebration .

Wedding dress code options

A certain “dress code” for the invitees is a necessity. First of all, it creates an internal mood, and, importantly, eliminates unpleasant moments when friends in ripped jeans (shorts) and T-shirts, which are absolutely out of place at the celebration, hopelessly ruin memorable pictures.

While the stated conditions accurately determine the outfit, ranging from style and length, to the choice of accessories and colors .

Therefore, there is no doubt that certain clothes are needed. Moreover, it is quite diverse and can be both very strict and quite democratic.

Black tie (strict style)

It is characterized by the extreme severity of the outfit. This level is suitable if the wedding is supposed to be luxurious, on a high note. Black tie (" black tie ") for solemn officiality emphasizes the status of the celebration.

For women:

  • dress of evening cut, best to the floor ;
  • expensive jewelry;
  • high heel, clutch bag;
  • hair styled in a hairstyle, evening face makeup .

Important! Free falling of loose hair is unacceptable.

For men:

  • suit like “tuxedo” (strict suit is possible);
  • A “butterfly” or an ordinary black tie.


Similar to Black tie, but more free.

For women: not only a dress is allowed, but also a well-chosen evening skirt and blouse.

For men: the same "tuxedo" or formal suit + tie (always dark) .

Creative Black tie (creative outfit)

It is based on the creative approach and trends of modern fashion that distinguish it from strict classics. This is an excellent embodiment of the idea of ​​a free choice of dresses by guests, but at the same time the solemn style of the wedding evening is emphasized to the maximum.

For women:

  • evening dress or cocktail dress.

For men:

  • jacket, “tuxedo” in the color scheme of your choice (for example, “tuxedo” -classic + bright vest or informal tuxedo + dark shirt (no tie needed);
  • Any “bow tie” and tie.

Festive attire

It has much in common with the cocktail dress code. Such a variation implies even more informal banquet, the venue of which is a hall in a cafe or even an open space.

For women: in the daytime, the beginning of the ceremony, an elegant dress or blouse with a skirt, in the evening - it is preferable to a cocktail outfit (length to the knees or midi) .

For men:

  • jacket of strict cut gray or dark blue colors ;
  • a tie is optional.


Elegant democracy is evident, but no one canceled the solemn orientation of the party . This is a convenient style for almost all wedding feasts.

For women:

  • cocktail dress, the length of which varies "around the knee" ;
  • shoes must be closed toe;
  • hair can lie freely on the shoulders, but according to one of the varieties of model hairstyles.

For men:

  • jacket in dark colors;
  • a tie is needed.

Semi formal

In this case, the clothes should be exactly within the specified style . This applies to strictly selected topics of wedding celebrations or their stylized focus. An example is the event in a single color scheme, if the owners do not want to violate the selected specific line.

For women: the created image, coupled with accessories, is clearly in the declared thematic borders or in colors.

For men:

  • the best is a jacket with a shirt, but a turtleneck is also allowed;
  • a suitable scarf instead of a tie.

Smart Casual (“a bit loose”)

In this style, you can come to a gala dinner where only relatives and friends will gather, but this does not mean that you can easily put on jeans and a T-shirt (unless, of course, this was announced in advance).

Reference! Smart is just a “flight of fancy”, the style is “slightly free”, nevertheless, some clarifications should be made before the hosts: the wedding venue, suitable shades of color, etc.

For women:

  • holiday dresses of different lengths or elegant suits with trousers;
  • low heel.

For men: light-colored trousers and simple-cut shirts.

Farm chic

Designed for a wedding like "rustic" or "boho-chic", which suggest an atmosphere of relaxation somewhere in nature.

Rustic style.

For women:

  • summer dress made of fabric with floral print or saraf ";
  • shoes to choose from - sandals, sneakers, cowboy boots.

Boho chic style.

For men:

  • light shirt (short sleeve);
  • “chinos” trousers made of light fabric (beige, sand, pink dusted).

How to declare a dress code at a wedding?

The best option is to write it in invitation cards. To avoid further misunderstandings, you should indicate the name of the style and dress code, as well as give a detailed description of the required costume.

Important! Clarification is better in a separate appendix to the card. It should be noted that many do not know the standard designations of dress codes.

In the event that you doubt whether all guests, especially people of age, will understand the nuances of the dress code correctly, talk to each of them specifically. Explain what this concept means, why this formality is needed.

This will guarantee a uniform style of clothing for guests at the wedding party.

Note! Any, even the most stringent code standard can be diluted or limited in accordance with the plans of the bride and groom. It is up to you to ban explicit mini-dresses, sports-style shoes (a good option: a suit + sneakers), some combinations of colors and prints (for example, a leopard).

But still, one should moderate one’s pickiness and severity to the invited. As the ancients said - everything excessive is harmful!