We sew a dressing gown for the full in just an hour

You look at a beautifully stitched thing, and so you want to have one. It’s not always possible to buy it, but you can sew it if you wish. Moreover, a lot of products are made on the basis of simple patterns.

As a pattern, you can use your favorite dressing gown to stretch it at the seams. A simple pattern can be done directly on the fabric, noting the desired size. They begin to study in simple dressing gowns for smell.

Choose a nice fabric

A dressing gown in the style of a man's shirt looks beautiful. The fabric you need to choose the appropriate. The model extends slightly downward, there is a wide sleeve to the elbow, a number of buttons to the bottom of the product and, of course, the highlight is the male collar.

The fabric can be chosen the lightest and simplest, in the summer in the heat of cotton cotton is well suited, you can take color or plain.

Making a simple pattern

Even a novice dressmaker will cope with such work:

  1. Lay out the cloth on the table, measure two rectangles, with sides of 150 cm and 90 cm, cut out, connect the front sides inward.
  2. Take a measurement - chest circumference.
  3. In the center of the fabric down we measure a quarter of the measurement plus 5 cm, draw a line.
  4. From the upper edge down we lay 30 cm, draw a line to the center, make a slight rounding, in this place, it turns out, the armhole of the sleeve.
  5. From this point down with a slight expansion we draw a line, the width of the product is obtained.
  6. We cut along the line, leaving 1.5-2 cm on the seams. We cut the shelf in the middle, mark the depth of the neck with chalk, cut off the excess tissue.

It remains to sew the shoulder and then the side seams.

A pattern for your collar can be any collar of a man’s shirt. On paper, make a pattern, cut it and transfer it to the fabric. The collar consists of two parts. Sew them together, twist on the face, sew to the neck of the product.

We sew: voila, the robe is ready

The dressing gown can be on buttons or buttons. On the length of the shelves, 8-10 cm wide, cut two strips of fabric, they will be under the sides. To keep their shape, you need to glue them with a thin non-woven fabric, sew to the shelf.

If you make a product with buttons, on one shelf you perform loops, on the other you sew buttons. You can complement the image with a wide belt.

How to stitch a simple bathrobe by smell

To work, you will need:

  • a piece of fabric equal to the length of the product, 3-4 cm for allowances, width - 160 cm;
  • threads
  • scissors;
  • see tape and ruler;
  • sewing pins, needle - if you sew manually;
  • sewing machine - if any.

We will sew from the rectangle. One side is equal to the length of the dressing gown, the other chest circumference plus 30 cm per smell.

It is necessary to fold the fabric in half in length, mark the center with a pin. Lay out the canvas on the table, towards the center, wrap the edges. From the pins in different directions, mark with a chalk of 7 cm, we get a cut for the neck. From the edge at a slight angle we cut the fabric to the mark: these will be the shoulders, they need to be sewn up manually or sewn on a typewriter.

We carry out the sleeves. We take a rectangular piece of fabric, the width as desired, for example, 40 cm. We measure the length of the arm, cut the fabric 10 cm shorter, the sleeves will be with cuffs, sew and attach to the base. On the shelves we cut a recess for the armhole along the width of the sleeve and sew on. We attach cuffs to the sleeves.

Neck. On the neck you need to cut the corners - to determine the depth. Over the entire length of the product, in a circle, we sew a strip of fabric with a width of 8-10 cm. It turns out like a collar descending on shelves to the bottom of the product.

Belt. The width of the belt is 10-15 cm, the length is 150-180 cm. The wider the belt, the better.

The dressing gown is performed without sleeves, it will be even faster and easier.