We let old shirts and dresses on new, cool things

Our cupboards and mezzanines are clogged with old things under the ceiling - clothes that are a pity to throw away, but which are small / large, rubbed or torn. And even if there are a large number of younger brothers and sisters, the life cycle of each thing sooner or later tends to end, and then we face the difficult choice of throwing out a pity, keeping it endlessly is pointless.

And after the next need to free up space in the closet takes by the throat, having to reluctantly have to part with things dear to the heart.

However, this is not necessary at all. Countless lives can be given to old things, transforming them beyond recognition and turning, if not into new pieces of clothing, into stylish and exclusive interior items.

INTERESTING! In the old days, they used to make rags from recycled rags - what would you think? Paper! In the 15th century, after the invention of the printing press, when the need for paper increased sharply, parchment no longer met the growing needs. That's when the first paper began to be made from milled rag raw materials, which were glued and dried on special grids. Such paper was outwardly very similar to parchment and had a dense structure.


  • What can be done from an old shirt and dress
  • New clothes
  • Top
  • Tunic
  • Skirt
  • Children's clothing
  • A bag
  • Decor Items
  • Upholstery or chair cover
  • Organizer
  • Picture frame
  • Book case (including electronic)
  • A toy
  • A blanket
  • Pillows, pillowcases
  • For kitchen
  • Apron
  • Hot stand
  • Kitchen towel

What can be done from an old shirt and dress

Throwing away what can be recycled or reused today is considered bad form. And who really were real gurus in reusing old clothes - these are our mothers and grandmothers. Growing up in an era of total deficit, every little thing they found application. So, old trousers could turn into anything - from a rag to the floor (if you don’t want to show imagination) to new shorts, a bag, a backpack or, at worst, garters for tomatoes on a personal plot. Here are some recipes on how to turn old clothes into a new thing.

New clothes

And old clothes sometimes quite unexpectedly can get a new, spectacular little thing.


With a flick of the wrist, an old jacket or turtleneck with frayed elbows can easily transform into a T-shirt or stylish top - with or without a high neck, which will be a great addition to your favorite jacket. To do this, you just need to cut the sleeves and properly process the place of cut - tucking it once or twice, depending on the type of fabric. With some caution, it is worth working with knitwear, since it tends to stretch during seam processing.


A tunic is a dress that has gone through the same transformation path as a jacket. It is no secret that most often the well-worn look of a thing is given out by the sleeves - it so happens that our hands in everyday life from all parts of the body behave most actively. The sleeves quickly stretch out, scuffs appear on the elbows, while the main cloth can still look pretty tolerable. Here is such a dress - a direct road to tunics.


This is yesterday’s dress, from which you can tear off the upper part. The easiest way to do this is to manipulate the model with a set-in top - where the top joins the skirt with a separate seam. If you are confident in your skills, you can do it yourself, and if not, it is better to take the dress to a sewing studio where he will be given a second life. In this case, all costs will be reimbursed, since you can carry a cross-linked thing for more than one season. At your own discretion, you can shorten the length of the dress, or you can decorate it with patch elements, pockets, trim or cut.

By the way, you can even change a skirt to a shirt - you get a stylish summer model.

Children's clothing

To turn your old things into children’s, you need to master sewing art. But a windbreaker from your trench coat, or a sundress from an old dress will indescribably please your fashionista or fashionista. Why - he will dress almost like an adult! Browse through the catalogs of children's clothing, select the current style - and go to the studio. Is it worth adding that the abundance of interesting accessories and children's jewelry will help add spontaneity to the most frankly adult thing, and the quality of the fabric will be an additional advantage.

With your own hands, you can also build something from an old shirt - for example, a bib for a child, with a little creativity.

A bag

A shirt can make a wonderful handbag. Perhaps you have some old bag from which you can take parts, and sew the base from a shirt or dress.

Decor Items

Making home decor items from old things is an even more unplowed field for the realization of the most daring and original ideas:

  • this is fashionable - you can not only make exclusive hand made things for your home, but also for sale - there are a lot of pages on popular social networks on which you can not only sell your products, but also look at interesting ideas - no one canceled creative borrowings;
  • it’s economical - if you’ve been to decor stores at least once, then you probably haven’t been delighted with the prices, but if done independently, such things will not only give warmth and comfort, but also help to save money without sacrificing aesthetics.

Upholstery or chair cover

For the manufacture of home decor, it is best to use cotton dresses and shirts - cotton is now in fashion, and such things will look amazing. For example, leaky chairs in the kitchen can be covered with a shirt cloth (it is better to take it more tightly) or sew covers and the same curtains - and your kitchen is no longer just a kitchen, but a kitchen in a country style that is very popular today or Provence.


Thick linen and cotton are perfect for making an organizer or cosmetic bag, but you can find a huge amount of linen bags with applications in general. As a decor, shirt buttons are actively used, and to remove the “epaulets” that were popular earlier from old shirts.

Picture frame

The remains of an old polka-dot or striped dress can fit a frame for a photograph. If you stuff it with cotton wool or padding polyester, and decorate it with felt appliqué from above, you can safely get old photos from the boxes that you had nowhere to put before, and expose them to show off in new "vestments".

Book case (including electronic)

Often, due to the lack of a cover, books or electronic devices that we have a habit of reading in transport are overwritten. You can solve the problem by sewing covers from an old shirt. Such a stylish envelope can be made even for a laptop, taking felt as a basis, and wrapping it in cotton, and sew a “cap” on top, like in the breast pocket of a shirt with a fastener on a shirt button.

A toy

The Internet is replete with examples of toy patterns made of cotton, and hand-made stores are full of handmade toys, which cost much more than factory ones. If you want to please your child, or maybe yourself, try dissolving the old shirt on toys. Buttons, cotton wool, decorative braid, beads, threads - all that is needed for this, and no one will forbid experimenting with forms and patterns.

A blanket

If you had a book of Russian folk tales with illustrations in your childhood, then you probably saw what a quilt looks like. So, in the modern style of shabby chic, such blankets made using the patchwork technique are at the peak of popularity. You can cut several pieces of clothing into flaps at once, or you can save up “old stuff” all your life - it all depends on how quickly you want to get such a stylish piece of furniture.

Pillows, pillowcases

In a similar technique, like a patchwork quilt, you can make pillowcases or decorative pillows. You can decorate them with embroidery or appliqués, and the uniqueness of your bed or sofa is guaranteed.

For kitchen

If you allow yourself a flight of fancy, the whole kitchen can be filled with crafts from old clothes. Here are just a few examples where you can attach your talents to needlewomen.


You can sew a very strong and stylish apron from a dress or shirt. We studied the patterns almost in elementary school, but the advantages of such an apron over the purchased one are hard to overestimate - cotton absorbs moisture well, stains and dirt are easier to remove from it.

Hot stand

From old clothes you can make coasters-napkins for hot - you just need to pick up the fabric more tightly, or fold it into several layers. No less spectacular will look and envelopes for cutlery.

Potholders from old shirts are also a very useful thing in the kitchen.

Kitchen towel

A towel from an old high-quality cotton shirt is simply an indispensable kitchen accessory, since its hygienic properties can bypass all purchased analogues, and the colors (strip, polka dots) will correspond to fashionable provence.

These are the options we could offer. Most likely - this is not all that old dresses and shirts can come in handy for. But very often it is in the process of creativity that other brilliant thoughts come!