Watch - an insulting gift in Japan

Sometimes, the choice of a gift for a loved one is perplexing, and you cannot succeed in choosing something suitable. It is especially difficult to find a suitable present for the boss or a person with whom not too close relations are connected. A separate type of headache can bring a gift choice for men. Even the wives who have lived in a long marriage are lost in search of a suitable souvenir that could please and please their man.

A great option for both women and men is a watch, and it doesn’t always have to be Rolex or Patik Phillip. A great gift would be a wrist, pocket, wall or even grandfather clock. However, for some reason it is believed that the watch is one of the worst gift options. Find out why.

Signs why not

It is known that all the traditions, omens and superstitions known today are for the most part ancient in origin. So the signs that say that you can’t give a watch went from the time of Ancient Russia. Then it was forbidden to give objects with pointed ends, since they could bring a person failures, illnesses and various misfortunes. Therefore, watches with pointed arrows, knives, and forks were bought by people themselves. In addition, there are several more explanations for this prohibition:

  1. Many are afraid to accept wrist or wall-mounted time meters as a gift, because they believe that they can die at the time they stop.
  2. An accessory presented to a beloved woman or man can promise a breakup. Sometimes the gift itself becomes the reason for the end of the relationship, since too superstitious women believe that the man who presented them thereby hints at a break.
  3. A watch presented to parents or elderly people on an anniversary can upset the donee by telling him how quickly their lives went.

Interesting! Presented brand new pocket watch to a person who is always late, can hint to him on his non-punctuality and optionality.

Why a watch as a gift for the Chinese is an insult

The Chinese are known to be very superstitious people. They, like the Slavs, believe that watches are carriers of a supernatural force that must be handled with extreme care.

The fact is that the Chinese characters that mean death are very similar to the characters that indicate the time of day. Therefore, there is a belief that if someone received a similar accessory for his birthday or New Year, then they wish him death.

Important! To give the Chinese an alarm clock is to insult and offend him.

To whom, in which cases it is possible to give without consequences, and to whom it is strictly forbidden

You can give a watch without consequences only to a person who does not believe in signs. You can also present a gift of a similar plan to a friend or friend who themselves asked about it. A happy and long life together interior clocks presented for the wedding will bring the newlyweds.

Also, without unnecessary thoughts, businessmen can make such gifts to each other. Among business people, they are not considered bad form and symbolize commitment, punctuality and can become the key to long-term and successful partnerships.

To completely "neutralize" the effect of an unpleasant omen, you need to follow simple conditions:

1. For the accessory received as a gift, it is necessary to pay the person who gave them the symbolic fee.

2. For redemption, it is recommended to use only small coins, which you need to give back with your left hand.

It is strictly forbidden to give watches to people who are very sick. Such a present will not please, but only upset an already loaded person with health problems, hinting to him about the transience of the minutes left for life.