Want to become a "beautiful lady"? 9 basic things in the style of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn's style has long been a classic, the embodiment of femininity and elegance. There are things that she especially loved, often used them in her outfits and complemented with her charming smile. If you want to add elegance and sophistication to your image, you should study the list of things that Audrey Hepburn appreciated.

1. Little black dress

Coco Chanel also said that in every women's wardrobe there should be a small black dress for the exit. It is a universal outfit that is suitable for almost any situation. And if you don’t know what to wear, there is always a black dress that must fit your figure perfectly.

Audrey also appreciated this outfit option. A fitted silhouette with curly inserts on the sides is suitable . This will visually improve the figure. The lack of extra bright decor is only a plus.

Important! When studying this list, remember that any item you choose should be right for you . It is important that clothing conceals imperfections and emphasizes virtues.

Audrey also loved flared dresses.

2. White shirt

It would seem that such a shirt looks too boring and casual. But Hepburn was able to wear such things, proving that it was not they who color the person, but quite the opposite. Choose a fitted shirtless blouse. With her, you can create a cute, light image.

3. Pants with bright print

Choose contrasting shades. Slim fit 7/8 pants. Let them be complemented by a side zipper and small cuts . These pants are great for walking.

4. Striped T-shirt

Audrey loved the stripe on tops and T-shirts. In addition, you can choose straight cut blouses with this pattern.

5. Slacks

They are loose fit pants . They appeared back in the 1940s. The model is convenient because it was often worn out of hours. When choosing high-waisted slacks, you will look even more elegant.

6. Simple throat pullover

Hepburn's style was simple . She preferred calm pullovers and sweaters down her throat, mostly in dark colors .

This made it possible to favorably shade her face and focus on huge eyes. If you want a similar effect, add a pullover under your throat to your wardrobe.

7. Ballet shoes

Many believe that there can simply be no more feminine shoes than classic pumps . But Audrey amended this statement, increasing the popularity of ballet shoes. They look at her so easily and elegantly that they can compete with boats for the title of the most feminine shoes.

With ballet shoes, she wore everything from trousers to dresses with a full skirt. It is important that there is nothing superfluous. Plain ballet shoes without complex decor in the basic range are ideal.

8. Hat

A special place in Hepburn’s wardrobe was reserved for romantic straw hats with ribbon additions. If you have not tried to add a similar headdress to the image, then it's time to fix it. And dozens of outfits of feminine Audrey with hats will allow you to be inspired and pick up something for yourself.

9. Glasses from the sun

Hepburn preferred large, slightly elongated glasses, although she never refused to experiment with these accessories. They should be selected based on their type of face.

The images of Audrey Hepburn are able to inspire and suggest how to look like an elegant, sophisticated woman.

Even in trousers, she looked feminine and excellent. A man dyes clothes, and wanting to imitate the style of this woman, it is worth remembering this.