Vietnamese model received a fine for a dress at the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival is nothing more than an annual vanity fair. Popular actors and stars of show business dress up in their best evening dresses, complementing them with fabulously expensive jewelry, and go on the red carpet so that the photographers present capture them in a good perspective. This is another way to get on the covers of magazines and online publications. In recent years, many famous people have decided to shock the audience with their outfits, appearing on the red carpet in defiant or too frank bows.

Dress that deserved a fine

At the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, undoubtedly, the dress of the 29-year-old Vietnamese model and artist Ngok Trin became one of the most shocking.

A kind of body with two strips of translucent fabric on the floor instead of a skirt located in front and behind. The girl’s dress fully opened her back, legs and partially her chest. Needless to say, the outfit shocked the audience. Especially after those present understood that there was nothing else under the dress.

Important! Many European viewers were pleased with the release of Miss Trin. Men's glances were constantly attracted to the sexual outfit that fit the girl like a glove.

But the dress did not go unnoticed in the model’s home country. The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam said that this was not the right kind for a national of their country. 60-year-old Nguyen Ngok Tien noted that such vestment of the model outraged and shocked the Vietnamese public.

Who came out in a scandalous dress

In Europe, most likely, the appearance of any of the actresses or models in such a dress would have done without scandal . Paparazzi would have photographed, and magazines posted "naked" photos of the star. But that would be all over. But Vietnam is a rather conservative country, where very strict views still reign. The girls here should look modest and not show off their charms.

Ngok Trin decided to break the rules learned from childhood . Whether she thought that if the festival takes place in Europe, no one will notice anything. Whether deliberately shocked the public. The girl’s motives are not yet understood.

Nevertheless, the country's leadership commissioned an investigation into this issue to determine whether the Vietnamese citizen violated existing laws. And it does not matter that at the time of the "violation" the girl was many hundreds of kilometers from her homeland.

Why the dress resulted in a fine

In Vietnam, not a single girl, except for the representative of an ancient profession, will come out to people in such a "dress."

Important! Too bare and indecent open parts of the body, demonstrated in a public place, contradict all the rules and principles that the Vietnamese carefully guard and honor.

It is believed that in this country, girls have a culture, modesty, and chastity. And the Ngok Trin dress cannot be called chaste . Not only did it open in the cuts the legs and back of the artist, but also the translucent fabric from which the body was sewn, left no chance for imagination.

Penalty for the dress

As mentioned above, an investigation was conducted in Vietnam.

The Minister of Culture noted that the girl’s appearance at such a high-profile event as the Cannes Film Festival infringes on rights and dignity, as well as offends and defames the image of the country and its citizens as a whole.

Models have written a fine, but its amount is not disclosed.

It should be noted that the indignation of the minister is justified by law.

Important! Vietnam has a law on public nudity. According to it, girls do not have the right to undress in a public place more than is permitted by the legislation of the country.

The model clearly violated this law, although it was located on the Cote d'Azur. The girl herself has not yet reacted to the situation.