Vest after 50 - fashionable replenishment of the wardrobe

The vest knows absolutely everything. So called underwear sweatshirt from a knitted fabric in a horizontal strip. She became widely sought after by a female audience after the First World War, thanks to Coco Chanel. The upcoming summer marine style will be very popular . How to wear this wardrobe item for women after 50, we will consider further in the article.

Vest that adorns a woman

The vest can add fresh notes to any set and significantly rejuvenate the woman . The thing is unique in that it allows you to create stylish bows and look like it took a lot of time to select an image.

Important! Marine style for women 50 years and older has the same attractive features as for young girls.

In general, this type of clothing is comfortable and functional. In a situation where “there is nothing to wear, ” the vest may come to the rescue. Moreover, this is part of the basic wardrobe, with which it is easy to build any image . This product, with a competent approach, can be worn both in hot summers and in winter in combination with warm clothing and shoes. Mature women can safely wear this thing without fear of looking ridiculous and not of age.

Attention! Sailors often call this garment simply "vest."

How not to make a mistake by choosing a vest after 50

At first glance, it may seem that all the vests are uniform. However, there are many types of this wardrobe item, and it is very important to choose the right model.

When buying, pay attention to the following points:

  • Thing should be free .

Important! Women after 50 are recommended to choose more spacious clothes so that the fabric does not fit the body tightly.

  • Too voluminous models will produce extra pounds, so it is important to find a “middle ground”.
  • It is worth giving preference to blue and white stripes, although the color can be varied.
  • Wide horizontal stripes can add excess volume to problem areas.

Advice! A wide strip should be chosen if you need to visually enlarge the chest.

  • Vertical and diagonal stripes will visually slim the figure.
  • Preference should be given to natural fabrics .
  • You can buy a classic vest in a regular Ventorg or souvenir shop. Of course, you have to shorten the sleeve a little. For miniature women, male size S is suitable .

    For hot summers, it is better to choose a product with short sleeves or without them at all.

  • It makes sense to take a closer look at the vest dress, as it suits women of very different complexions. The main thing in this case is to choose the optimal length and style.
  • You can pay attention to more expensive designer models that will add an image of chic. For example, chiffon and lace inserts and bows look spectacular.

Important! In the classic version, the strip width is 1.5 cm.

How to wear a vest after 50

Many believe that a vest can only be worn on the coast, and are afraid to buy it, not knowing what to combine with. However, this is not at all what the collections of world fashion houses prove.

Important! With the help of a vest, you can create a stylish, elegant and at the same time non-banal image. It can be combined with a parka, coat or safari jacket and jeans. From shoes fit ballet shoes or sneakers.

This is one of your favorite looks for walking, shopping and traveling.

For work, you can combine a vest with trousers of a direct silhouette, a pencil skirt and a classic jacket. As shoes it is better to choose shoes with a flat sole or wedge heel.

Important! If the woman's size is more than 58, then wearing striped clothes without a jacket is not recommended. In this case, it will expand the body too visually.

A small amount of blue, beige, chocolate, burgundy and bright blue color may be present in the image.

Important! Many stylists note that using a vest it is almost impossible to create an evening and luxurious look.


But the selection of jewelry should be taken very carefully, as they should also be in a marine style .

Advice! Accessories, fittings and other decor are best selected in gold color.

Bags with decor in the form of anchors look good.

You can complement the image with a long scarf . It can be wrapped one or more times or loosely wrapped around the neck so that the ends hang carelessly in front. It is better not to experiment with the color palette. Scarves look harmonious in white, gray, beige and dark blue .

For a beach look, a Vietnamese or a straw hat with wide brim is suitable.

Attention! There should be only one striped thing in the image. A mistake is the selection of accessories or striped bags together with a vest.

The times when only sailors wore a vest were long gone. Absolutely all women can try on the marine image. After 50 years, this wardrobe item can add freshness, romance and significantly rejuvenate its owner .