Vera Wong Wedding Dresses For Slim Brides Only

A wedding dress should emphasize the beauty of the bride and the solemnity of the moment. On X-day, all the views and lenses of the cameras are aimed at the couple of newlyweds, therefore every detail is carefully planned carefully almost a year before the event . Vera Wong creates the perfect masterpiece that has become the dream of millions of girls around the world . Judging by the photographs, a masterpiece can only be worn on a perfect body with an aspen waist. But are we ordinary people?

A little about the witch herself

Her biography is not distinguished by Brazilian passions and unexpected twists of fate, but it shows an example of how talent finds its way by raising it to a pedestal. Vera Wong - the daughter of Chinese immigrants, was born in 1949 in New York. Purposeful girl was engaged in ballet and figure skating, studied at the Sorbonne in the school of art. Professional sports did not work out, but the woman is still skating in search of inspiration and relaxation amid the bustle of life.

Vera Wong only in 2007 had a rival Monique Lulie, who really was able to make decent competition.

At the age of 23, her innate impeccable taste helped her become a senior editor in the popular Vogue magazine . She opened the doors of the houses of the best designers. In 1987, she changed her job to Ralph Lauren and there was absolutely no sign of global change.

The impetus was the upcoming wedding with Arthur Becker in 1989. And then I had to face the well-known problem of all brides - there was nothing in the shops to suit and like! Like any other girl in such a situation, she turns to the dressmaker. The bride buys expensive natural fabric and draws her “dream dress”, which came to life thanks to the skilled hands of a seamstress. The work cost about $ 10, 000, and the success was tremendous! Entrepreneurial vein suggested that a huge niche of exclusive and magnificent outfits for demanding women is empty, and most of us among them.

The father helped to open the first boutique, ready-made options were displayed there, but then creativity was used, and their own lines of luxurious outfits were born. Soon her collections were conquered by Hollywood. When American stars appeared at weddings, any little thing from the boutique became the dream of millions of women around the world.

Vera's wedding dresses featured style icons such as Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston.

What is the secret to success?

Silk, satin, lace, sophisticated lines and a thin belt at the waist became the hallmark of the Vera Wang brand. Looking at photographs, you understand that an American with Chinese roots has really great taste and a sense of proportion: no crazy ruffles and kilometers of slurred material.

I can talk about the splendor of Wong models and sincerely admire for a very long time, so I will highlight the main advantages of her models:

  1. For sewing, only natural and expensive fabrics are purchased.
  2. Each creation is in a single copy, a high-quality exact duplicate with all the desire not to find! Exclusivity is guaranteed.
  3. Originality, tenderness, chic and elegance in one bottle. There is nothing superfluous, neither in details, nor in cut.
  4. All elements are cut and stitched manually under strict quality control.
  5. You can find an outfit for every taste! In the salons there are various solutions for the most demanding and moody clients.
  6. The approach of the fashion designer to creating new lines is also interesting. She boldly experiments with color, there is even a collection of black dresses that won the hearts of millions.

There are references in various sources that Wong is very fond of black.

Prices are high, but it is justified, we pay for quality and exclusivity.

Why not everyone can wear a dress from Vera Wong?

Remembering my favorite film “War of the Brides”, I want to quote that it’s not the dress that fits the bride, but the bride under the dress . For uniqueness you have to pay. Having ordered an outfit with a big name for the figure, you should carefully monitor the food! Not a single bride then decides to dissolve a clear waistline and alter again, losing authenticity. Beauty requires sacrifice, we all know that, and exclusivity all the more!

It is difficult to find and buy it, it is better to contact Vera Wang boutiques directly. Judging by the information from the official website, wedding dresses are sold in Germany, Italy and the USA. Of course, people have long understood the demand and are starting to offer replicas, sewing similar models from photographs on the Internet, they can be adjusted to any budget and figure, but this is not Vera Wang! Even the photographs show noticeable differences, not to mention fabrics.

Unfortunately, for many women, a real wedding dress from a celebrity remains only in dreams, but with due persistence, there are no unattainable goals. If you really want to, then everything is in your hands!