On vacation at sea in Turkey: we make a wardrobe

Turkey is a magical country of eternal summer, hot sun, gentle sea, delicious food and friendly locals. The relatively low cost of travel and perfect service have made this country a paradise for our (and not only) compatriots.

Looking at the abundance of suitcases that tourists drag at the airport, for some reason you think that all these people are not particularly going to return home. Of course, in the wardrobe of a vacationer it is necessary to provide for the maximum number of things. But those who have already rested in this hospitable country know that most of the clothes will never be needed. And it will go back unpacked.

Undoubtedly, if the trip is not planned in the hot season, then the tourist will need a jacket, and a sweater, and warm trousers, and waterproof sneakers. But in the midst of a summer vacation (which lasts from May to October) it is better to take a minimal amount of things with you . It’s easier to carry an empty suitcase, and you can buy more beautiful new things and souvenirs.

Beach holidays in Turkey: what to bring with you

Beach vacations will require a minimum of things.

To the beach

  • A couple of swimwear . The second is useful if something happens to the first set.
  • Pareo . Two is better to change when the first one gets tired. Or combine these wardrobe items. Pareo takes up very little space in a suitcase.

Important! Even the most inexperienced traveler will be able to create a lot of clothes from a light piece of fabric: a skirt, blouse, dress, tunic, top, sundress, cape on the shoulders, headdress.

Another advantage will be the ability of pareo to dry quickly. So even if it was tied to a wet body, a traveler will come to a restaurant or room already in a completely dry robe.

  • Skirt, shorts, three t-shirts . This set is for those who do not like pareo (more precisely, for those who have never tried them). This set will provide a comfortable stay and will give you the opportunity to change your wardrobe.

Important! The presence of pockets on these clothes will do an excellent job when you think about where to put the room key or phone.

  • Headgear . A graceful hat, a luxurious hat with huge brim or a democratic baseball cap will help protect your head and face from the scorching sun. And will allow you to enjoy your vacation without any troubles in the form of heat stroke.
  • Unfortunately, it will not be possible to completely protect the skin. Therefore, a light blouse with long sleeves will become a reliable companion during adaptation, especially for ladies with delicate skin. Although here you can use pareo.


  • From shoes useful shale or ballet shoes, sandals or sandals .
  • On excursions you may need light sneakers if these are not city excursions. In the city, the very same ballet shoes are quite suitable.

Advice! Do not torture your feet with model shoes! Moreover, they will not be very combined with pareo.


Three sets is enough. Moreover, it will have to be worn only in the evening.

What is useful in other situations

In principle, this kit is quite enough to have a wonderful rest.

Important! But if the weather forecast hints at a cold snap (April, early May, end of September), then it will not be out of place to grab jeans, a beautiful sweater, a favorite jacket, and a light jacket.

On city walks and excursions

Shorts, a T-shirt and flats or sneakers that securely fix the foot are perfect for walking both in the mountains and along the streets of resort towns.

Important! Remember, any tour in Turkey is a comfortable bus!

For restaurant and evening relaxation

  • Nice dress, elegant dress, long skirt will decorate dinner in a restaurant.
  • Any disco or nightclub in the country is democratic. So here, too, shorts or a skirt, shirt or blouse will do .

Important! It is not necessary to take an evening dress, chic shoes and a kilogram of gold jewelry. Unless, of course, you are not going to visit the high-society party.

A girl in an evening dress will undoubtedly attract the attention of everyone around. But not at all what she was counting on.

Visit to the mosque

It is unlikely that a tourist will be able to get to some deaf mosque. And everyone else will kindly provide both scarves and long skirts. Although if you do not like to use common clothing, the same pareo and long skirt that you put on for an evening meal will do.

This is the maximum of things that can come in handy on a summer vacation in Turkey.

But in fact, you can do exactly half the list and not even notice it!