Universal tips for hiding cellulite clothing

Are you not happy with ugly tubercles on your skin? Do not know. how to hide this flaw? Here are some tips for looking well-groomed and looking slimmer.

How to visually hide cellulite clothing?

Modern designers pay a lot of attention to this issue. Their designs allow a woman to feel more confident, even if the fight against extra pounds is not as successful as she wants.


The advice of doctors will help you choose the right model. And, above all, correction does not mean excessive contraction of the body. Ideally, the linen should not stand out under the dress. It is best to give preference to microfiber: in the winter it is warm, in the summer it is not hot.

Visually improve the figure will help special panties. Seamless underwear allows you to wear even narrow dresses, while under jeans it is better to wear shorts that lift the gluteal muscles, which reduces the volume of the hips.

You can accentuate the waist line and remove the lateral folds using a corset.

How to hide cellulite with corrective tights?

Can't imagine your wardrobe without jeans and tight trousers? To help you in tights made of durable elastane. This material with high density up to 180 den is able to work real miracles.

Quality models include:

  • belt modeling hips;
  • area lifting the buttocks;
  • "Tightening" for the abdomen;
  • elastic waist circumference.

Important! Such tights will visually improve your posture and level the surface of the body. But they will not get rid of the existing problem, but only by the size they will reduce your volumes.

Cellulite on the hands

A long sleeve of a free cut will help to hide it. A three-quarter sleeve beloved by many is also perfect.

Here you need to take into account that the excessive splendor of the sleeve will only harm your image. In this case, a beautiful scarf or scarf draped over the shoulders will help to divert attention.

Hip cellulitis

As a disguise fit straight-cut skirts, jackets to the hips, loose clothing with sleeves .

Advice! A categorical "no" tight-fitting things, bright colors and print in the hips.


Stylish fashionistas choose models with a waist slightly below the navel, which allows you to hide a bulging tummy.

Models with a high waist look much better in the presence of a wide belt of a double layer of matter. Acting as a corset, he will pull away the waist area, which will add harmony to the female figure.

Generous trousers with straight cut legs from the middle of the hips will help to be more stately.

The main thing is to choose the right size and maintain balance: a narrow "bottom" / free "top" and vice versa.

Advice! Hide flaws can be pockets located "vertically" or "diagonally."

Wear pants in white and other light shades without a doubt. One caveat: they must be free so as not to look defiant.

Special requirements are imposed to fit jeans. Dark slender figure shapes perfectly fit a woman .

Any pants are best worn with a heel. In the office and at a friendly party, they should cover the upper part of the shoes.

For a casual look, trousers are slightly higher than the ankles or ankle-deep + shoes with flat soles.


Stylists recommend paying attention to knee-length or slightly lower. If your legs are perfect - feel free to choose a skirt above the knees.

Regardless of the style, it should not fit the hips and abdomen.

Almost perfectly sits on a stylish "pyshechki" pencil skirt. Underlined waist and tapering lower part makes their figure look like an hourglass.

Advice! Discard the straight cut, which visually fills and gives the impression of a square.

A veil skirt will help to maximize veil of the hips. It all depends on how well she sits at the waist.

You can visually reduce the tummy with the help of oncoming folds in the center of the front panel of the skirt.

The flirty diagonal drapery in the through direction “belly - hips” will also give an excellent effect. Even greater results can be achieved by draping a pleated insert along the hip line.

Beautiful legs accentuate the lateral folds.

Important! The width of the skirt should in no case be greater than its length.

Blouses, T-shirts

The trend of the season is monophonic elongated blouses and T-shirts with a V-shaped or rounded neckline. They are comfortable both in the office and on a fun walk with friends.

It is best to choose models with a waist and peplum . Blouses with a belt or ties look good.

On a note! In no case do not wear tight short tops complete with "high" jeans. So you will even more draw attention to the femoral folds.

Wear loose clothing, but just the right size. Otherwise, you risk further enlarging the figure.

A win-win option is a black and white classic and a white and blue sea strip.


A real lifesaver for any woman. Their simplicity and, at the same time, originality are indispensable for creating unique images.

A visual fit to the silhouette is guaranteed by a vertical strip, as well as an elongated ornament and a geometric pattern in the form of rhombuses and triangles.

Narrow and frequent stripes look best. Too wide stripes will make your figure too voluminous.

A great idea is to shift the focus from the abdomen to the bust area. Keep a balance will help a shallow neckline.


Choosing a black color, do not forget about pastel colors. Looks great models of beige, milk, pistachio, cream, sand, pale pink. You can give preference to fabrics with large floral prints.

Slender female legs are an important advantage that must be highlighted. Feel free to wear dresses slightly above the knees. An excellent choice is the length to the middle of the lower leg or to the floor.

Advice! The flaws of the figure are well smoothed by a straight cut, high waist, dresses “by smell” and “trapeze”.

Jackets, cardigans, cardigans

Make a choice in favor of neutral and cold colors: burgundy, coral, violet, chocolate.

The trend of the season is multidirectional stripes and multilayer sets in one color scheme . They will allow you to “obscure” the lines of the hips and waist.

Fashionable jackets and cardigans this season have an asymmetric cut . Feminine and romantic, they go well with any elements of the wardrobe.

Advice! Discard large pockets. They visually increase the volume.

When going to the office, do not forget about the jacket. This season, it is very fashionable to combine it with jeans and high heels.

Prefer models with a length of 15 cm below the hips, a clear shape, with rounded floors and pocket-slots.

Jackets and jackets with large buttons, generally not fastened or single-breasted with lapels, will add harmony .

Every woman wants to be fashionable and stylish. To look great in any situation, it is important to choose the right clothes. And then the attention of men is guaranteed to you.