Unexpected prints that became fashionable in 2019

The spring-summer season of 2019 is filled with a huge assortment of things, decorated with a wide variety of prints. Have you already chosen your own from all the fashionable ones? Or doubt, because you do not know exactly which pattern the stylists chose? In order not to get confused in this variety and choose an outfit that will not only be fashionable, but also well suited to the type, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the most trendy and popular prints of the 2019 season. And we will talk about it.

Classic prints for the 2019 season

Despite the abundance of printed items on fashion catwalks and shows, classic peas and a cage, as well as other geometric patterns, are still in trend .

A cell and geometric shapes can also have many nuances, various shades and transitions from one color to another. It looks very fresh and modern in city bows.

Important! Peas and cages are ideal not only for everyday outfits. They piquantly fit into the business image, dilute the boringness of the outfit, but do not violate the office dress code.


The difference between modern models is the inclusion in the images of not only black and white tones and peas of the same size, but also the inclusion in one image of dresses with different sizes and colors of peas.

It can be dresses, skirts or suits in large and small peas at the same time, as well as products decorated with colored peas, possibly even of a changed shape.

Important! Bright colors and large elements are in fashion. Women should not be afraid to make the image heavier using such a print.

From the deep deposits of the wardrobe, you can get your favorite pea dress and show off in it in the warm season.

Or buy yourself a trendy dark suit in large peas, which is suitable even for a daily trip to the office.


The cage is also at the peak of popularity this season. It can also be of different colors and sizes, contrasting with the main color of the product or barely noticeable, only emphasizing individuality.

Important! A cage is acceptable not only in clothes, but also in accessories and even shoes. Checked handbags and neckerchiefs look very attractive, as well as very original shoes with elements decorated in a geometric print.

The cage is a universal print. Clothes with such a pattern can be worn not only in everyday bows, but also to go in a checkered outfit to work or even prefer it for an evening out . A cage always looks fresh and attractive.

The main summer print is floral

Clothing with a restrained floral print, especially summer dresses with a floral pattern, creates a wonderful mood and a delicate beautiful image. Such a set does not require additional framing in the form of jewelry or accessories.

A separate direction in this type of print is milfleur . To create it, a solid background is used, decorated with contrasting flowers and leaves. This is a great combination for the summer.

Important! Such a print can afford women of all ages.

Since many ladies have long had clothes decorated with floral prints in their wardrobe, you just need to get your favorite dress out of the bins and enjoy your beautiful appearance.

Paisley - vibrant indian cucumber

Do you like cucumbers on clothes? Clothing with a drop-like paisley pattern looks original and restrained, despite the abundance of the pattern.

Clothes with a similar print can be used even in office bows . A girl in a dress with an ornament in the style of an Indian cucumber looks business-like, strictly, but it is very attractive and unusual.

Important! Such a picture makes it possible to hide small flaws in the figure. Therefore, dresses and suits with a paisley pattern are used by women with almost any type of figure.

Bright dresses in the floor or mini look great in the summer, make it possible to feel confident in any situation. Costumes and elongated skirts can be used to create a stylish evening look.

Trend of the year - portrait and abstraction

But things with such a pattern are unlikely to already exist in your wardrobe. So, there is reason to buy a new thing!


One of the most unusual and popular prints of this year is a portrait image or abstract drawing . A girl in this image will not go unnoticed, attracting the views of others to her person.

The portrait can be of any orientation:

  • famous personalities;
  • cartoon characters;
  • relatives, friends and others.


Abstraction allows you to create the most unusual and attractive sets for every day . They do not require additional framing in the form of accessories and bright details. The picture speaks for itself. On the contrary, restraint and a sense of proportion should be shown in the remaining details of the image.

Important! Pay attention to a new twist in abstract drawings. Especially fashionable are things on which the pattern is as if outlined, plotted.

Animalism: the peculiarity of the use of animal print in 2019

For more than a season animalistic drawings have dominated fashion catwalks. But this year, the animal print is used in dosage . For example, a mono bow, consisting of a white dress and a similar shade of shoes. At the same time, the dress is decorated with sleeves-lanterns of a leopard pattern.

Important! You can use a large number of animal print in the image, but caution should be exercised. It is impossible to go too far with such a picture, it literally “shouts” about the woman's lack of style and taste.

A similar pattern is now available for office style. You can pick up a classic jacket in a small leopard print, and choose a dress or suit with classic cut and monochrome shades. It is better to complement a similar bow with classic "boats".

The variety of prints in the 2019 season makes it possible to change every day.

Do you want to say that you were not surprised reading about another fashionable print? But didn’t it surprise you that you already have things with such a pattern? Get them out soon, they will help you look super-fashionable!