Umbrella with a secret: drawings that appear when wet

To protect against rain during a walk, a person uses an umbrella - a special device that creates a barrier between precipitation and the body of the carrier. Umbrellas can be painted in different colors for a change, or wear a certain pattern. Images were applied to umbrellas in ancient times; these were mainly geometric figures or dots. Nowadays, pictures have become more diverse and technological. Particular attention deserves such an accessory with a hidden pattern.

Hidden Pattern Umbrella Feature

In sunny weather or indoors, an umbrella with a hidden pattern looks plain and unremarkable. But once he gets wet, fancy pictures will begin to appear on the surface. This is possible thanks to a special paint that is completely transparent until water gets on it. After drying, the images disappear again.

The very first models of technologically advanced umbrellas were incredibly heavy - just because of the use of specific paint, and it was impossible to use them normally. Progress does not stand still, and now umbrellas with a manifesting pattern are light and comfortable, so they practically do not differ from ordinary brothers.

Wearing such an accessory with a hidden pattern will allow the owner to stand out in the crowd and express his personality. Specially trained designers create such accessories with the original appearance of a single copy to order, so with their help you can easily become the owner of a unique thing that emphasizes the style and inner world of the owner.


The specific features of the wardrobe element, which changes color when exposed to liquid, suggest a price higher than that of ordinary representatives of this type. The price in a regular store ranges from 1, 500 to 3, 000 rubles.

If the client wants to purchase an accessory with an individual design, he will have to pay a larger amount. The cost of a unique stylish accessory with a pattern starts from nine thousand rubles. The client himself will choose how much he is willing to give for a unique high-tech thing.