Ugly Sandals - the trend of summer 2019

Every year, fashion presents us with the most stunning surprises in trends and directions. In 2019, this affected shoes, namely sandals, which were unfairly awarded the title of “ugly”. Let's try to figure out why they are called that way and whether they are so inappropriate in the image, as it might seem at first glance.

What are ugly sandals?

The ugly sandals most likely got that name because of their awkward and too bulky shape. These are shoes characterized by a massive rubber sole and a high cork insole, which to some extent matches the shape of the wearer's feet. Usually these are sandals without a back, with wide straps, the length of which is regulated by massive locks. The colors of the shoes can be very diverse, but mostly neutral shades that fit almost any outfit.

How to wear ugly sandals in the summer of 2019

At first glance, it may seem that such shoes do not fit into any outfit, but this is far from the case. With a skillful approach, some combinations will look very harmonious and fashionable. Why should you wear ugly sandals so that the look as a whole looks stylish and “straight away”.


A denim jumpsuit is definitely a must-have for any women's wardrobe. Are you going to meet friends? Complete the look with a cotton bag, narrow sunglasses and a fine-knit T-shirt - you will certainly not be equal. As a decoration, you can safely choose a bracelet made of natural material - leather or wood.


In this case, the main thing is not to make mistakes with shades. For a plain air sundress, it is better to choose white shoes, but for bright color prints it is better to choose the same “live” colors - golden yellow, brilliant pink, flickering blue. It remains only to supplement it all with a bandage on the head of a delicate shade or a cute ornament on the neck - and now the romantic image is ready. Dress - this is the case when the "ugly" sandals can be quite feminine.

Casual style

As you know, “Casual” is a casual style of clothing that focuses primarily on convenience and practicality. It is characterized by the absence of fanciful details, sequins or some classic attributes. The basic rule is random combinations. Perhaps the best use of "ugly" sandals can not be found.

In conclusion, I would like to recall the Oscar, which was held in February this year. The winner in the "Best Actress" nomination was announced by the unrivaled Francis McDormand, who appeared before the audience in a rich pink long evening dress from Valentino and ... green "ugly" sandals. Well, and who says that she looks ridiculous and funny?