Types of Wedding Dresses

Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding ceremony, always with an elegant dress on the floor. But today, salons offer such an extensive assortment of various models and styles that it is very easy to get lost in their diversity. Therefore, before going to the fitting, you need to clearly imagine what exactly you want to see on this solemn day on yourself, and how it will be combined with the general concept of the wedding celebration.

What are the wedding dresses

Today, fashion designers offer various silhouettes of wedding dresses that can be matched to absolutely any type of figure. There are multilayer products in the style of Disney princesses, as well as shortened models or long elegant outfits on the floor. The most popular are:

  • ball;
  • Empire or Greek style;
  • A-line;
  • year (mermaid);
  • case;
  • mini dress;
  • column and others.

Important! The choice of a suitable dress should occur only after several trying in a leisurely mode and in a calm atmosphere of the cabin. It should sit comfortably so that the girl does not feel constrained.

Ball gown

Ball gown dress is a classic attribute of a magnificent wedding. The bride looks like a princess in him. The clothes are based on layering, usually a narrow corset and a fluffy skirt, which has a base of several clothes overlapping each other or a cover thrown over a special frame with rings.

This style is suitable for almost all girls who want to turn a wedding ceremony into a fairy tale. A narrow corset and a deep neckline emphasize the beauty of the chest and a thin waist, and fluffy skirts will allow you to hide unnecessarily large hips and legs. In addition, such a model visually draws growth, especially if you combine it with high-heeled shoes.

Important! Do not choose a ball gown type to short girls. Despite the versatility of the cut, the bride will look too bulky, and with an abundance of lace it will look like a balloon.

Greek and Empire styles

A feature of this model is its free cut. The bodice is pulled under the breast, and below the fabric flows and gently drapes the silhouette. Typically, such products are sewn from lightweight fabrics that effectively stretch the silhouette and hide some flaws in the figure.

A similar style will do:

  • girls with small breasts (using dense fabric on the bodice, you can emphasize soft roundness and focus on the figure);
  • women with magnificent forms and imperfect figure (a free flowing skirt will help to reveal all the flaws);
  • future mothers (high waist - an ideal solution for pregnant brides, the dress does not hinder movement and hides a rounded belly).

The dress in Greek or Empire style is almost universal and will suit any girl who wants to modestly celebrate her wedding. In it, the bride will be comfortable and convenient in any situation.


A-line dresses are no less popular than a ball gown. It also uses a tight corset, emphasizing the waist and chest, as well as a fluffy, expanding to the bottom of the skirt. It can be layered or worn on a frame, for example, satin. Such a product well hides excessive fluffiness of the hips or imperfectness of the lower part of the figure.

Such a model is considered universal, any girl can choose it. Smooth lines and vertical seams will help to add a few centimeters to low growth, while the extra pounds can be successfully hidden in such a dress.

Godet (Mermaid)

Many girls looking before going to the salon numerous photos of models fall in love with this style. This is not surprising, since Godet really looks very attractive and attractive.

The dress fits perfectly, repeating the contours of the body and flaunting all the advantages of the silhouette. The fluffy skirt begins to expand from the knee. Often such a model is decorated with a small train.

Important! An hourglass or pear-shaped figure fits perfectly into the concept of such an outfit. Such a style will help to harmoniously emphasize all the advantages. Recommended for girls with a flat tummy.


Sheath dress sets bright accents on the waistline, hips and chest. That is why stylists recommend choosing this style for girls with a perfect figure and flat stomach. In addition, a similar silhouette is best for tall women.

In accordance with numerous reviews, such a dress can visually slightly stretch the growth of a miniature, fine slender woman. However, it impedes movement very much, which the bride may not like.

A short

Stylish mini is better for girls with a triangle or rectangle. It should be remembered that such a style looks provocative and attractive. The girl will be under the close attention of others for a long time.


A straight, tight-fitting product, it emphasizes the abdomen and hips. That is why it is better to choose it for girls with a flat tummy and a figure such as a triangle, rectangle, slim and tall.

Modern non-traditional models

Today, designers have completely departed from the classic image of the bride and come up with more and more non-standard dresses that are offered to be worn by brides on the happiest day of their life. These outfits can be:

  • separate set (one of the most popular trends, the skirt is usually performed lush, and the top is adjacent, ideal for girls of athletic build);
  • jumpsuit (lace or satin outfit with trousers that suits girls with perfect body proportions and a daring character who are not afraid to challenge others);
  • trousers and a jacket (often now they use instead of a banal dress a beautiful trouser suit of white or cream shade, it emphasizes the beauty of the figure and makes the image more strict).

Whatever the choice of the future bride, the main thing is that the dress should fit well and be comfortable to wear. The girl will understand that the dress is “her” during the fitting in the salon.