Types of weaving gold chains

Chains are the trend of 2019. They are welcome in everything - earrings, bracelets, belts and bags. There are different sizes and styles - massive or neat classics.

Having decided to purchase a classic chain of gold, you can find that there are several types of weaving . And you need to get acquainted with many in order to choose the type of jewelry that will stay with you for a long time.

Consider the most popular types of weaving gold chains, because there are frankly male or female types, there are stronger and more flimsy. And there are those that suit any age and gender.


  • Golden Chain Weaving Technology
  • Options created for women
  • Cardinal
  • "Italian"
  • Bismarck
  • Types of weaving for men
  • Anchor
  • Figaro
  • Rhombus
  • What suits everyone
  • Ear
  • Lace
  • "Shopard"

Golden Chain Weaving Technology

There are 3 technologies:

  • stamping;
  • hand weaving;
  • hollow chain.

But the chain begins with a molten and refined gold nugget. It is mixed with a ligature to give hardness, color and the desired sample.

Copper is added for red gold, mixed with nickel and silver for white. Sometimes nickel is replaced with platinum, then the metal is many times more expensive.

Further, with the help of rollers, long rods or wires are made of a gold alloy.

At this stage, the process is divided into:

  • weaving using machines. Passing the rods through a specific machine, the output is a finished chain. After this, the chain is placed in a red-hot oven, so that at high temperature the ends of the links are soldered. The task of the jeweler is to cut it into chains of the desired length and solder the clasps;
  • hand weaving. The jeweler manually makes the chain links and solders them depending on the weaving.

Making hollow chains, inexpensive metal is in the middle of the rods. At the end of weaving, by chemical reactions, an inexpensive metal is removed from the chain within which a void forms.

Another way is stamping. Gold is rolled into a thin layer, cut into strips. Then the jeweler cuts them into small pieces, from which he makes the links. They connect the elements without soldering, so the process takes less effort and time. But the finished product is often deformed or completely torn. Sometimes the elements of the chain are squeezed out ready-made from a sheet of gold, the master simply connects them.

Options created for women

Weaving for women's jewelry is made of thin gold wire, it is more airy and elegant than men's.

And the chain itself turns out to be tender, sometimes frankly feminine, like Love, in which the links resemble hearts.


Cardinal is a variation of Bismarck. Cardinal is performed only by hand, unlike other types of weaving Bismarck. Execution Technician 2:

  • the wire is cut into pieces, links are made of them, and then soldered at a certain angle;
  • the wire is twisted into a spiral, then leveled and polished.

Each link consists of 2 threads or wires. There are 3 varieties of these elements, and each allows you to create a special chain:

  • square;
  • oval;
  • a circle.


The Italian is massive and heavy. It is not suitable for daily wear, but for a special occasion just right.

It is made of thick rods, outwardly resembles 2 chains woven together. A handmade chain will cost more, but the service life of both manual and machine Italian is up to 50 years.


Bismarck is a wide range of weaving. They are frankly masculine with a plexus of complex, voluminous links. But there are models that are suitable for a woman. Such a chain will not break, will not be tangled and not deformed, unless the lock is damaged.

Popular among women's chains is Moscow Bismarck. The links are similar to a flat oval, inside of which there are 2 circles. They can tightly adjoin each other, and can be at a distance, forming gaps.

Double or triple Bismarck - jewelry for men. Due to the volume and rudeness, he does not fit into the feminine image.

Arabic Bismarck got its name because of the similarity of the links with Arabic letters. They solder in 4 places, while the classic Bismarck solder in 2 places.

Types of weaving for men

Men's weaving is made of thick wire, with massive links and a masculine style.


The name received due to the similarity with the anchor chain. It is durable and easy to fix.

This is the simplest weaving, the links of which are connected perpendicular to each other. There are several types:

  • classic anchor, consists of oval links and is used for chains with pendants;
  • sea ​​anchor, inside each oval there is a jumper in the middle. This makes the chain even stronger and more interesting;
  • double anchor - one link consists of 2 rings.


The second name is Cartier, because of the special love for him at the Cartier jewelry house. A distinctive feature of Figaro is the alternation of different in form links. One long + 3 short + one long and so on; one oval + 3 circles.


The rhombus refers to the carapace weaving. The links are made in the shape of a rhombus and are connected in two or three. The first 2 links are interconnected in the middle, and the next 2 links are attached to their ends.

Incisions are made on the side surface of the link, which are ground and form a flat chain.

What suits everyone

Such weaving options are not rude or sophisticated. They are suitable for young and mature people, as well as for children.


The name was given due to the external similarity with spikelets. The link looks like an elongated drop, and they connect tightly to each other. The method of connecting droplets allows you to make a three-dimensional chain, suitable for adults and children, for the celebration and every day.


Lace is an unofficial name for Snake weaving, obtained as a result of the external similarity of the chain. The chain is intertwined according to the principle of double-armored assembly of identical, tight-fitting links. A snake can be round, oval, rectangular or flat. Suitable as a chain for pendants or a baby cross.


Sopard is an anchor type weaving and the unofficial name of Rollo. The name "Shopard" was given the connection because it was the fashion house Chopard that made it recognizable to the whole world. Consists of round links connected perpendicular to each other.

Almost each of the listed weaving options has its own subspecies and variations that are worthy of your attention. Types of weaving are estimated in dozens, and jewelry masters come up with something new. We just listed the most popular options for weaving gold chains.