Types of Stockings

A large number of obligatory and irreplaceable products are stored in a women's wardrobe. These include stockings - one of the most popular and sought after accessories. Girls use them as a more convenient and sexual replacement for familiar pantyhose. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range, among which you can find models of different materials or styles. Therefore, the selection of products when buying should be approached with particular care.

Material Composition

In the manufacture of manufacturers use a variety of what are the fabrics and textures. Ready-made stockings differ in density, shade and ornament.

Used materials for stockings:

  1. Spandex is particularly elastic and durable. Thanks to this, the stockings do not sit and stretch after washing, returning to its original shape. High strength reduces the risk of puffs and arrows. One of the varieties of spandex is lycra . It is highly elastic, therefore, it is used in the manufacture of modeling wardrobe items.
  2. Microfiber is distinguished by the velvety structure of the threads. The main advantage is long-term heat storage. This material is most often used when sewing insulated wardrobe items.
  3. Tactel is popular for its dullness and smoothness. Such products fit snugly to the leg, do not stand out and do not cause uncomfortable sensations. It differs in that it does not pass air.
  4. Polyamide is one of the cheapest materials. Products lose their shape and elasticity after the first wash, and spools appear on the surface. Stockings do not differ in high strength or heat preservation.

Addition: an accessory from a tactel is a competent choice in the cold season.


Modern fashion does not stand still . Designers regularly release new products that immediately win the hearts of fashionistas. This rule also affected the stocking. The classic product has undergone a number of changes and transformations, due to which it has a wide range of varieties.

Popular views

Seamless, or classic, made in the likeness of tights. The difference is the ending on the hips. They can be with a picture, equipped with an elastic band or belt.

Seam products are suitable for elegant and sophisticated ensembles. Differ in a dense thin line on the back side. An indispensable option for lovers of heels.

Fishnet stockings are among the most moody products. With the wrong selection of the grid or the whole combination, the outfit can take a vulgar and defiant look. A fine mesh is suitable for a classic style, a larger mesh for an evening look.

Help: when buying stockings in a mesh for an office strictly style, choose models of neutral tones (black, beige).

Stockings under the belt are the most sexual and erotic variety. The belt helps to fix products on the leg. When choosing this model, pay attention to suspenders: they should fit snugly to the hip, have a suitable length and not stick out under the dress or skirt.

Fantasy ones are distinguished by a bright pattern on the surface of stockings. It can be a bright ornament, lace, geometric lines.

Tip: make sure that the drawing is suitable for your type of figure. Incorrectly selected patterns will emphasize the imperfections of the figure, and not correct them.

How to wear stockings

Each girl approaches the selection of attire with special care and rigor. When choosing an image, it is necessary to ensure that all components are combined, complementing each other. Tights and stockings are one of the main accessories. With the wrong choice of socks, it is easy to spoil the whole combination, making it unsuitable for a particular case.

It is recommended to choose shoes and a dress (skirt) to match black stockings. Such an ensemble will correctly emphasize the legs, visually making them more slender and longer. When combined with shoes of other shades, the wrong contrast is obtained, which will look out of place and tasteless.

Black and beige textures are suitable for lovers of classic outfits. Pick up stockings without a bright ornament, plain texture. A complement to them will be a skirt just above the knee, a dress-style sheath or a pencil skirt.

Stockings with a belt should be combined with a skirt or dress of a more loose cut. Under tight-fitting products, a belt and suspenders will stand out, which will give along a vulgar look.


Stockings deservedly belong to one of the leading accessories in the women's wardrobe. They competently emphasize advantages, correct deficiencies, complement any outfit. On the modern market there is a wide selection of stockings that differ in certain criteria. Using several recommendations, each girl will be able to choose the right option for herself.