Types of Men's Wallets

A quality wallet is a useful product for storing money, and besides this, an important detail of the image of any man. Along with clothes or expensive watches, the wallet shows the status and preferences of its owner. It is important to choose the right fashion accessory suitable for a particular lifestyle, style and place of work of a representative of the stronger sex.

Types of men's wallets by the method of addition

The modern market offers a wide range of men's wallets for every taste. They differ from each other in design, various textures and functionality. As a rule, representatives of the stronger sex prefer accessories of a compact size so that you can carry your wallet in your pocket if necessary.

Experts note that some copies are intended solely for storing paper notes. And others have additional compartments for small things, business cards, bank and discount cards.

By the method of addition, several types of products are distinguished.

Wallets without folds

This is an elegant product where the bills are stacked in a straightened form. This model looks very stylish and solid. In addition to space for paper money and bank cards, there are often pockets for passports and driver's licenses.

These wallets go well with business suits.

TIP . Due to its impressive size, it is better to carry a purse in a bag or inside pocket of a jacket.

An external pocket will make a large wallet ugly.

Two-fold wallet

It is the most functional and popular option. Here, banknotes are folded in half, so the product has a fairly compact size .

As a rule, a purse consists of several compartments for banknotes and plastic cards, often there is a pocket for coins.

These wallets combine perfectly with classic and casual style.

Triple-Fold Models

Less popular among the stronger sex, as due to the small thickness they hold a limited number of banknotes .

The compartments for plastic cards and business cards usually have a vertical layout.

A compact wallet with a metal clip is perfect for men who particularly value minimalism.

ATTENTION! Regardless of the type, the wallet should harmoniously fit into the overall style of its owner.

When searching for a suitable product, it is recommended that you choose a more functional model to make it convenient to use.

Types of wallets for use

Among other things, men's wallets are conventionally divided into several types. In addition to universal products, if desired, you can choose:

  • sports wallet;
  • wallet for travel.
  • model combined with a cover for a smartphone.

Sport Wallets

The main difference between sports wallets is the materials used. Usually, they do not choose leather, but textiles to create them, in order to give the product less weight.

Often, such models are equipped with various Velcro and fasteners so that the owner does not lose his wallet.

IMPORTANT! Stylists recommend wearing sports accessories only when walking or playing sports.

And for a business lunch and everyday events, classic options are more suitable.

For traveling

Travel wallets are quite large . This is not very convenient for everyday use, but on trips such an accessory will be extremely useful. You can put in it all the most valuable - money, tickets, various documents.

IMPORTANT! To prevent the wallet from being stolen suddenly, travel wallets have special straps for attaching to the neck or belt.

Combined with Case

An interesting solution is modern cases for smartphones with a small compartment for a plastic card. If a man is enough to have one card and a couple of banknotes, it is worth taking note of such a product.

Types of wallets by shape

Men's wallets have different applications and methods of folding. Useful money storage accessories also vary significantly in size and shape. For example, there are horizontal and vertical models . They have certain advantages and disadvantages, so the choice should be based on specific tastes and needs.

A vertical accessory will fit more cards and business cards, but the dimensions of such a product are much more impressive. If you need a roomy compartment for business cards, you should buy a vertical model. In other cases, you can choose a more convenient and compact wallet.

The modern assortment allows each man to easily find the optimal wallet. It is advisable to have several accessories for different occasions in life, but you can purchase one universal model. Laconic black wallet made of genuine leather will look great in any situation.