Types of Men's Caps

Good afternoon, dear readers. Today we’ll talk about a rather unusual wardrobe item - caps. It would seem that such a hat should be left to children and athletes, however, in this article we will try to debunk this myth. First you need to find out what kind of caps are.

The names of men's caps: an excursion into the fashion world

We will analyze the available models from the first ones that appear, ending with modern fashionable styles.

Sixlink. A model that is rooted in the distant past. The main difference is a small round visor. Six-link, of course, serves to create bold images.

Kartuzy. A very unusual hat, which is a bit like a cap. It looks like a short cap with a long visor. Initially, it was intended for military personnel. Today, this headgear is preferable for creating a serious and brutal style. Also, thanks to a deep landing, it perfectly protects from wind and rain.

Eight Blade. The most popular style, and as such, it became for a reason. This exquisite wardrobe item is absolutely universal and suitable for any age and status. It has a rounded shape with a solid rounded visor. Often, such caps can be worn with a serious suit and casual wear.

Gavrosh. A kind of "street legend" Also bears such names as "hooligan", "barefoot." A truly folk piece of clothing. In appearance, it differs in a small visor and a very voluminous crown. It looks very stylish when worn, moving to the side.

English The famous headdress of Sherlock Holmes. Paying tribute to tradition, these caps are still eight-wedge and have a checkered print. This headpiece serves to maintain a strict image and goes well with straight coats.

French The main difference from other hats is the voluminous style, which makes it popular among women too. That is why the French cap can be called universal.

It was a list of classic options. Naturally, the diversity of men's hats does not end there, and so now we will consider the most popular modern models of this unusual item of clothing.

The most popular types of men's caps

Now closer to the present. Consider the caps that men prefer these days.

Baseball cap. The first thing that comes to mind with the word cap is a baseball cap. Initially, it was used by athletes to protect from the sun. For this, the cap has a wide and long visor with a rounded shape. Also often this headpiece has a back closure to resize the baseball cap. This headgear has long gone beyond sports. The most popular meaning of such caps in the rep industry is as a symbol of youth and style. Now baseball caps are at the peak of popularity among all ages and genders.

Cap. The progenitor of a baseball cap was also originally created to protect against the blinding sun. But, unlike the same baseball cap, caps were intended mainly for the military and Cossacks. A distinctive feature of the cap is the visor and welt, which was mounted on the chin, so that in the heat of battle the cap does not fly off the head. At the moment, caps are an indicator of policemen or fashionistas who prefer a military or grunge style.

Coppola. A traditional Sicilian wardrobe item. In the old days, it was made of durable tweed. He gained particular popularity among the working class in England. Now coppola is known around the world and is evidence of good taste.

Bunnet. Classics for respectable men. The visual feature of this headgear is a low landing and a flat top. An ideal choice for those who prefer an office style, but at the same time are not without taste. It fits perfectly with a strict coat and pantsuit with a tie.

Raglan. A unique look of a modern headdress, which combines respect for traditions and craving for a new, modern fashion. The cap easily emphasizes the urban image, and is also very practical, especially during bad weather.

Now you can easily pick up a cap that fits any look.