Types of Men's Bags

One of the main accessories of any man's image is a bag. She not only fulfills her direct mission, conveniently placing personal things or documents in herself, but also emphasizes respectability and also the good taste of men.

More recently, this accessory was popular mainly among the female part of the population. But thanks to the development of world designers, today a wide range of men's bags is presented, among which you can choose a business or sports model, as well as an option for everyday use.

The main types of men's bags and their names

Most men are used to wearing personal items in their pockets. This is not always convenient, since you can lose something, mash, stain or simply not fit. That is why for modern men a whole collection of bags has been developed, each of which has its own purpose:

  • Briefcase. One of the most common men's accessories, which is designed exclusively for business meetings. Its dimensions allow you to accommodate the necessary documents, as well as digital devices.
  • Borsetka . This option is for daily use. Despite its small form, there are several compartments inside, so that all the necessary things, a phone or keys are always at hand.
  • Diplomat Its main feature is the presence of a combination lock. The case is ideal for diplomats or businessmen who deal with a large number of documents.
  • Tote . A large, rather roomy bag is suitable for everyone who imitates fashion. This accessory is functional and can be used for any purpose.
  • Portpled . It is mainly used for transporting suits on business trips.
  • Backpack It has long been a leader among the male population of different generations. It is used to go to the office, to train, study, walk or take on a trip. The interior of the backpack has several compartments where you can put documentation, equipment and other necessary items.
  • Holdall. Large capacious bag with two comfortable handles and a belt. Designed for daily use. More related to sports style.
  • Waist bag. This option is suitable for sports jogging or cycling. You can put personal items, a phone, keys in it.
  • Transformer The model is easily transformed from an ordinary bag into a backpack, while the capacity and size remain the same.

ATTENTION! Many models are equipped with special pockets for phones and chargers, as well as separate compartments for laptops or tablets.

Types of Men's Crossbody Bags

Men's shoulder bags are popular not only among young guys, but also among politicians and businessmen. Such an accessory is practical and functional, which is simply indispensable in everyday life. A bag over his shoulder is able to accommodate all the necessary things of a man, while leaving his hands and movements free.

A variety of models with a shoulder strap offers a suitable option, regardless of status, position in society and personal preferences:

  • Postal bag or messenger. This option is considered the most popular, as it is spacious and easy to use. Closes to the wide top valve. Suitable for men of any age category and combined with jeans or a tracksuit. It is in demand among students or high school students.
  • Bag for the laptop. This option is designed for business people who should always have a laptop and documents with them. The interior of the accessory is equipped with many compartments and zippered pockets, so there is always a place for personal items inside.
  • Road or sports model . Roomy and convenient option for transporting things or traveling.
  • Bag-tablet. Despite the small size of this accessory, it is spacious. It has several compartments and convenient pockets. This model is not combined with a strict business suit, but suits the casual style. Differs from a mail bag in the absence of the valve.
  • Bag case. Designed to transfer documents, phone, keys and other important small items. It is mainly used for walking.

IMPORTANT! The main feature of any shoulder bag is the presence of a convenient long belt, which can be adjusted if necessary.

Types of men's bags without a handle

Bags without a handle occupy a certain place in the life of a business, but stylish man. They not only emphasize its solidity, but also help to keep documents and personal items with you.

The range of such accessories is small. These include:

  • Clutch bag. It looks like a wallet, only larger. A very practical and stylish accessory.
  • Folder for documents. Helps keep important documents in order.

REFERENCE! Such products are associated only with business style, so they go well with formal suits.

How to choose a men's bag

In order for the model to fit all the criteria and be as functional as possible, you should decide on the purpose and purpose of its use before buying. For this, it is necessary to provide for such factors:

  • Format. When choosing a men's accessory, it is necessary to take into account the status of the man, as well as the scope of activity of this person, since the direct purpose of the bag in the future depends on this.
  • Size . The size directly depends on the format, therefore, choosing an accessory, it is worth remembering the functional purpose of the product. If a man will carry a tablet or laptop in it, then you should know the exact parameters of the technique in order to comfortably place it in a bag. For active people who daily carry a lot of things, you need to select an accessory of large sizes.
  • The material . The most durable and presentable are leather products. They not only raise the status of a business person, but also emphasizing his style. They also do not leak moisture, leaving the contents intact. Faux leather or synthetic products are a budget option, but do not have such a presentable look.

IMPORTANT! The skin has good heat dissipation, therefore, in contact with the body, it becomes warm and pleasant to the touch.

  • Coloring . Dark colors always prevailed over the rest, as they are more versatile and combine perfectly with clothes.

REFERENCE! Before buying a bag, it is worth paying attention to the main color of the clothes and shoes of the man with whom he will combine the accessory.

  • The internal location. Basically, the more pockets the better. But sometimes they can interfere, so here you should also build on the preferences of men.

IMPORTANT! Equally important for the comfortable operation of the accessory is the hardware, which must be of high quality and durable.