Types of Artificial Leather

Thanks to high technology, it became possible to use more advanced high-quality types of artificial leather in the manufacture of various products that are not at all inferior, but even in some cases surpass the properties of genuine leather.

Depending on the use of polymer composite materials that are applied to a woven or non-woven base, artificial leather is divided into the following types: microfiber MF, PU polyurethane, fabric-based PVC (PVC), eco-leather, rubber, polyacetate (PA). Let's consider them in more detail.


Microfiber is the thinnest fiber made of polyamide or polyester, thanks to which such a base is soft, light, strong and elastic. This material is resistant to light (when worn, retains its original color), physical (abrasion) and chemical factors.

Leather made on the basis of MF, according to external indicators, does not practically differ from natural, while you can create all kinds of textures and color shades. Also, the advantages include good moisture repellent properties, environmental friendliness (no harmful fumes), the absence of extraneous odors, and the effect of breathing skin.

PU Polyurethane

PU leather is considered the best material of the new generation, which consists of three layers.

The first is based on cotton fabric; the second is covered with genuine leather (with defects) that has undergone preliminary processing; the third is a layer of high quality polyurethane.

Thanks to the last covering layer, the product can have a large palette of colors, patterns and prints. It is characterized by softness, hygiene, frost resistance, a high level of tensile and tensile strength.

The material is porous, due to this the material has good moisture repellent and breathable properties. Also, this material is safe for health and does not evaporate odors.

Fabric Based PVC (PVC)

Type of leather PVC is considered the most common, made of polyvinyl chloride with the addition of a special plasticizer and additional components that are applied to the base.

To create the base, knitwear and non-woven materials made from natural or artificial fibers are used, on which the characteristics of the product (extensibility, strength) will directly depend.

To achieve greater elasticity, a variety of synthetic additives are added to the material. PVC leather is much heavier than PU leather, and less abrasion resistant. The main advantages are ease of care, durability, resistance to ultraviolet and mold damage.

Eco leather

It is close in basic physical properties and positive qualities to PU leather, the main difference is the absence of a second layer. Synthetic fiber and cotton fabric are used as the basis.

This material is in demand among buyers and manufacturers due to the presence in the composition of polyurethane, the excellent properties of which were described above. Ecoskin does not cause allergic reactions due to the absence of PVC in its composition.


The first products made of artificial materials that mimic the skin are shoes made of rubber impregnated with a solution of rubber. Now rubber is used to make shoe parts such as heel soles.

Reference! Initially, rubber leather began to be produced for a long time in Europe (at the end of the 19th century). In our country, the industrial production of rubber was established in the 1930s.

Important! Products made of artificial material (with the exception of PU polyurethane and microfiber MF) must not be washed or dry cleaned.

Extensive scope

For each application, depending on the characteristics of the material, the possibility of technological processing apply a certain type of artificial leather.

Materials made from MF are useful in the manufacture of upholstery fabric for upholstered furniture and seats in the car, as well as equipment for sports and shoes (sports and everyday).

Most furniture designers recognize the wide range of uses of faux leather to implement all sorts of design decisions.

For the manufacture of upholstery fabric, as well as interior items, PVC leather is considered an ideal option because of its synthetics, a variety of color shades and ease of care. She also remains in demand in the production of clothing (raincoats, skirts) and bags.

Faux leather PU are used in the manufacture of clothing, bags, suitcases, leather goods (purses, gloves, belts, business card holders).

The main advantage of products made of artificial material is the affordable price, which ensures high popularity among consumers.