Tweed skirts: styles 2018 2019 (photo)

Autumn and winter - time to warm up. It's time to put light skirts of chiffon, guipure or silk on the upper shelf. They are replaced by warm and comfortable fabrics. Tweed skirt is the trend of the upcoming season.

Tweed is an insulated material with wool content, so it’s just perfect for the cold season. In addition, this skirt is universal: it is worn by women and girls of all ages, and depending on the model, it successfully emphasizes the advantages and hides the flaws.

Fashion trends 2018–2019

In the new season, designers are moving away from the traditional cut and lack of accessories. This does not mean that it is unfashionable to wear a straight or flared tweed skirt. They are still relevant, but require additional decorations in the image. In the winter of 2018–2019, the tweed model will turn into a self-contained accessory that does not need to be supplemented in any way. She herself will become a complement to any, even the simplest top and bottom.

Pay attention to:

  • button skirt in front. This model needs to be fastened like a shirt;
  • option with a shuttlecock low or basque at the waist;
  • flap pockets on the front of the product. They can be decorated with pearl buttons;
  • fringe on the bottom edge. It creates the effect that the fabric is slightly disheveled at the bottom. However, the way it is;
  • boring colors. This season is recommended to move away from the usual black, white, gray and beige . It is better to choose a turtleneck of universal color and complement it with a bright bottom: emerald, pink, wine or purple. Pocked tweed also looks great, for example, in a combination of pink, gray and beige threads.

What are the styles of tweed in the trend?

Many people mistakenly believe that only tweed mini skins look fashionable. This is far from the case. Modern models surprise with their variety and combination of cut and fabric texture.

Long wide skirt

Not every woman dare to try on a long tweed skirt, but for the cold season it is a great option. She not only lets cold air through less, but also looks stylish with cropped outerwear such as a short fur coat or small down jacket. Designers advise giving preference to either plain or checkered tweed skirts on the floor .

A long skirt made of dense material looks quite heavy and can outwardly reduce growth. That is why it is combined with shoes with a stable heel or stilettos.

With a cut

A small cut on a narrow skirt is not only convenient, but also very attractive. It can be in the back in the form of splines, in front or slightly sideways. In winter, wear this option with tight black tights - then it certainly will not be cold.

Pencil skirt

The most versatile and classic version that perfectly emphasizes the waist, rounded female shapes and opens up slender legs. Select the length of the "pencil" to fit your complexion . The most optimal models: mini or to the knee (just above the knee). If you complement the look with a strict shirt, you get the perfect office or school look. For everyday wear, choose a cozy plain turtleneck or sweater.

The trend of the coming season is a tweed suit from a skirt and jacket in the Chanel style or with a jacket as from a man’s shoulder. It is important that the material of the top and bottom match. You can put on such an image not only for work, but also for a festive event or a meeting with friends.

Wrap skirt

Unconditional trend of the season. Odor can be created in a variety of ways:

  • fixed to a button or to ties made of fabric, as a result of which one leg is seductively peeking when walking;
  • with a zipper or a row of buttons. In this case, you can not be afraid that the skirt will open too much.


This model has a slight extension down and is ideal for girls with normal complexion. Ladies with curvaceous should be treated with caution so as not to visually add extra pounds to the lower body .

A bell skirt to the knee or a little lower looks good with over the knee boots going under it. It is not only stylish, but also very warm.


Asymmetry gives originality to any image and favorably distinguishes from a number of others. It is created through various means:

  • due to the smell;
  • wedges of different lengths;
  • cut along the oblique.
  • The trendy decor of an asymmetric cut or hem is tweed fringe.

With drapery

The model with drapery will appeal to middle-aged and older women. She looks elegant and emphasizes the good taste of her mistress. Such a skirt should be combined with a flying blouse adjacent to the body with a turtleneck or jumper.


The hit of recent years continues to gain momentum. A midi length skirt is suitable for girls of medium and high stature . Most often, it has a straight or asymmetric cut. There are also slightly flared options.

When choosing a midi, do not forget about the high waist: it creates the right silhouette, does not crop the figure and emphasizes beautiful female forms.