TV bag - why did you start producing bags with screens?

High technologies have tightly entered our daily lives and are already actively developing in the field of fashion. 3D printing is already used by designers in the production of shoes, and manufacturers of fashion accessories decided to go further. The famous Louis Vuitton fashion house came up with a bag with a flexible AMOLED screen that will be able to synchronize with a smartphone. Prototypes of such accessories were shown at Fashion Week. While walking along the catwalk of female models, the screens mounted in their bags showed photographs of New York and also a new collection of clothes from a well-known brand.

Flexible screen bags - what is it all about?

A bag from a well-known brand is a regular accessory, on the front wall of which there are one or two flexible screens with AMALED function. They have a resolution of 1920 by 1440 pixels. It is planned that such items of women's wardrobe will have access to a worldwide network.

Important! Representatives of the fashion house said that the development has the name "canvas of the future." However, it is not yet known whether such accessories will enter the market, and when it will happen. Also, not even the approximate price of such an trendy accessory is negotiated.

The production of new gadgets for handbags from a fashion brand is engaged in the Royole company. The main offices of the company are located in the USA and China. Previously, the specialists of this company managed to release the world's first smartphone with a flexible screen. The invention became the first prototype of the smartphones of the future in the world.

During the show of the Louis Vuitton collection, a hitherto unknown browser flashed on purses. Representatives of the fashion house said that such an accessory is seen as a continuation of the smartphone and will be able to go online to search for any information.

Why are bags on screens?

The technology of the future, tightly integrated into modern fashion, makes it possible to get the most unusual and attractive things into your wardrobe. A bag with a built-in TV is no exception.

The girl who gets such an accessory will not go unnoticed in the crowd. Using the screens located on the front wall, you can regularly change the design of the bag in accordance with the selected image. The screens make the bag unusual and versatile, suitable for most city bows.

The screen on the bag will help in the search for various information, if you launch a browser on it and type in the desired questions. How these ideas will be implemented is still unknown. Specialists presented only preliminary versions that need further refinement.