Trends of fashionable women handbags spring 2019

Every year, fashion designers offer fashionable women more and more interesting models of clothes and bags. Sometimes these ideas seem somewhat absurd to us, however, you can not argue with fashion. You have to choose from the fact that there is a convenient product for every day. And among the fashion bags of the spring of 2019, there are such.

What women's handbags are fashionable in 2019

Let's start with the styles. They have not changed much since last year, but there are nice and interesting additions. Among the fashion trends of 2019, the following are found:

  • tote;
  • oversize;
  • wicker patterns;
  • a suitcase or box;
  • small models on the belt;
  • transparent variations;
  • models with fringe.

Also, clutches do not go out of fashion. They will always come to the place for any formal event. Bags of an unusual format do not lose their popularity. This is not an innovation; in 2018, products in the form of ice cream, banana and other forms were also distributed. They still remain relevant.

It is worth noting that the most popular models are oversized. Against the background of the general trend towards this style, bags fell into place. Moreover, they are convenient in everyday life. It is not necessary to choose an extra-large thing, a model larger than the average will already make you a fashionista.

Against the background of the popular transparent shoes that appeared last year, a transparent model also appears. Such products are usually in small format. You don’t want everyone to see what you carry in your handbag? Use it to carry your phone and some makeup.

Important! Chasing fashion, do not forget that most of the catwalk bags are not designed for everyday wear. Choose a more affordable option.

Speaking of colors, the following are popular:

  • beige;
  • in tone with clothes;
  • animal prints;
  • bright color;
  • cell;
  • Tai Dai print.

Various patterns are also fashionable, especially they will fit leather goods.

How to choose a fashionable bag for spring

When choosing a fashionable product, there is always a choice between beauty and practicality. To not have to sacrifice one thing, follow the instructions provided.

  1. Define the color. It is better to choose a neutral or color that is already present in your wardrobe.
  2. Remember practicality. Choose a bag based on its intended purpose.
  3. Watch for quality. In order not to fall for a fake, buy products in company stores.

And, of course, do not forget what is fashionable - not always beautiful. Follow your style, not fashion trends, and you will always be in trend.