Trending models of autumn shoes in 2019

“It’s a wonderful time, charm in the eyes, ” “fog and dampness outside the window” - this is all about autumn. Yes, the autumn weather is unstable and capricious, you have to constantly adapt to it. What to wear if the sun is warm in the morning and the rain is cool in the evening? With outerwear, the problem is solved quite easily - layering comes to the rescue. But what shoes to choose to be comfortable all day long?

Features of autumn shoes

I always want the shoes to be beautiful, relevant, comfortable, suitable for the things in the wardrobe. And you also have to keep in mind the seasonal peculiarity. Autumn is famous not only for temperature swings, but also for bad weather. Puddles, mud, wet foliage - all this must be taken into account when buying shoes for the new season.

What else do you need to pay attention to? Of course, for durability and comfort. Looking at some samples of shoes, it becomes clear that they will not stand the test of moisture.

The quality of shoes can be determined even by the insole.

Reference. A sign of good shoes is a leather insole sewn along the entire length of the sole. And in the area of ​​the heel under the insole should be present cushioning pad.

Requirements for Autumn Shoes

  • Autumn, although short in time, is diverse in weather conditions. Therefore, one pair of shoes is unlikely to get along .
  • All autumn shoes must meet the requirements of comfort and practicality .
  • If autumn images are completed with one or two pairs, then they should be basic.
  • Before embarking on the study of trends, it is advisable to determine your own needs. If life is limited to “work - home”, you need to buy shoes that are appropriate in the work environment. Active rest is wedged in the schedule - we look at sneakers or sneakers. Half a day behind the wheel - try on low-speed shoes. There are evening outings - we select a pair that suits specific outfits.

Important! Modern fashion does not insist on a combination of a "floor" dress with heels. Sneakers or coarse boots successfully compete with feminine boats.

Not only practical, but also fashionable: fashion trends of fall-2019

Of course, you can set the goal of "buying a universal and very practical thing." Only then do not be surprised if it turns out to be rubber bots! In the rain they do not get wet, do not press anywhere, do not rub. Comfortable, no doubt, but I want to look stylish and fashionable. And what do fashion shows offer to wear in the fall of 2019?


  • Sneakers proudly walked on the catwalks. They continue to maintain a leading position among the 2019 new products. True, this season multi-colored models were added to white sneakers.

  • An alternative to sneakers is loafers, monks and boots . These types of shoes are suitable for everyday wear.

  • Cossack boots are the main trend of the season . A reasonable choice, given the stability of the heel, a comfortable shoe and truly unlimited compatibility. With jeans, it's a classic. With a midi skirt - super trendy. They can also be worn on the way out. But not only the Cossacks are limited to an evening out in the fall of the nineteenth.

  • Ankle boots or pointy heeled shoes are also relevant.

  • Designers showed concern for lovers of short skirts. In high stocking boots or over the knee boots, the legs will not freeze even in the strong autumn cold.

Tip. Boots with a stable heel - an option for every day, with a stiletto heel or transparent heel - for a special occasion.


  • The shows were attended by models with an accent toe or heel, with fringe, straps and buckles .

  • Some shoes struck with fancy heels or their rich decor .
  • Neon colors, transparent tops, velvet, leather with a metallic effect are in fashion. Glitter, rhinestones and sequins are also regarded as a hint of the shine of the metal.

  • Almost all designers included white shoes in their collections. It doesn’t matter if they are boots or mules; snow-white performance makes them top-end.

  • Not very practical, but very effective autumn shoes with an open toe . In order to have time to enjoy such boots and ankle boots, you need to wear them without waiting for the onset of autumn.
  • Actual combination of materials in one model. For example, a sock made of transparent plastic, made of acid-colored leather or fabric of a different texture.

In general, the choice is so great that "eyes run up" at the sight of all this splendor.

Important! Fashion for shoes for fall-2019 is not a totalitarian dictator. Fashion trends are diverse, they take into account individual preferences and affection for certain styles.

Sport, romance, classic, western, casual, grunge - there are shoes of any style on sale. You just have to choose!