Total pink. There are many pink

Hello! Do you think every girl, girl, woman needs to experiment with her appearance at least once in her life? After all, today is nowhere. Do you always wear only dark things? But what about being cute and tender and trying on an image in the style of a princess or Barbie? Laces, by the way, are completely optional: quite a lot of pink clothes. Total look is now at the peak of popularity, so why not make it in pink?

What style is Total pink?

The image in the style of total came into fashion not so long ago, but has already firmly won the hearts of fashionistas around the world. Total look implies that your entire image will be composed in one color scheme, in our case pink . Of course, picking up things in one shade is almost impossible, but we don’t need it. It is enough that the overall color is sustained, and even the shades may vary.

The most favorite daily image of most residents of megacities is total black. Of course, we exaggerate, but there is some truth: people are afraid or do not want to look bright and be different from others. Let's fix this situation together, for example, dress in a totally pink look. By the way, it is the trend of the spring-summer 2019 season.

When to dress completely in pink?

Many will ask: when is it generally appropriate to dress up in everything pink? Would not the total pink look too pretentious on an ordinary walk? No, it will not, if you pick things up correctly . In any case, wherever you go, the top and bottom, as well as accessories should be combined.

Here are our options when you can and should wear a pink combination:

  • to the party. And it doesn’t matter on what occasion the event is planned: the pink image will look equally appropriate at a birthday celebration, a bachelorette party, a wedding;
  • on a romantic date. There is no need to explain here: the pink gamma has long been considered a symbol of love, understanding, female power. The chosen one will definitely like such a feminine image;
  • for a spring or summer walk;
  • to the cinema;
  • to a meeting with a friend over a cup of coffee;
  • to work in the warm season, if there is no strict dress code.

By the way! There are people who always wear clothes of only one color, like household items, dishes, accessories of the same color. Some scholars consider this a sign of mental deviation, while others associate a certain color addiction with the characteristics of a psychotype. In any case, if you meet a freak dressed in pink on the street, but, in your opinion, not stylish, this is not a reason to giggle and point your finger. We are all different and the love of total look can manifest itself in different ways.

Fashionable pink wardrobe: options

Collecting your first pink look, you will ask: what is better to wear? In fact, anything would look organic . We advise you to pay attention to the following wardrobe items:

  • pantsuit. It is very difficult to make a mistake with him. Right now straight trousers and non-fitted jackets are in fashion, as if “from a man’s shoulder”;
  • dress. It doesn’t matter if it is plain or with print, to the knee or maxi;
  • jumpsuit or romper. Both short and long trousers remained in the trend;
  • coat or jacket. Such a thing can always be thrown over a dress or sundress. Ideally, if it is almost completely suitable in color to the rest of the details;
  • shoes, sneakers, sneakers - in general, everything that you love. We recommend that the shoes are in tone or lighter than the main wardrobe. Sometimes you can “move away” from pink - your look from the point of view of fashion will not cease to be total.

Makeup, manicure, accessories - what should be in Total pink?

Any outfit becomes finished only after adding accessories and jewelry to it. It’s hard to imagine almost any modern girl without makeup or manicure, so we boldly included these elements in the image.

Total pink is definitely a make-up in a nude range . No sharp contouring, black shadows or red lips. The emphasis on the eyes will add a black or brown arrow, a light smokey in pink colors. At the party, add more highlighter to the cheekbones and under the eyebrows.

With manicure, it is better to adhere to the same tactics: the softer it is, the better . If the outfit is heavily decorated, then a plain or French manicure is best. With a laconic dress without a print, marigolds with a design look wonderful.

Along with pink, silver jewelry and jewelry are best suited. This combination looks especially cool on girls. Gold is also appropriate, but it should not be too bright. Pink stones interspersed in jewelry are welcome.

Is it possible to dress completely in pink and not look funny?

Yes, and it’s easy enough! If you are afraid to go too far and look ridiculous, stop at a light pink or powdery shade. He does not attract too much attention, but does not look as if you are a “pale mole”.

In most cases, you don’t need to be afraid of failure, unless, of course, you are going to braid two pigtails and paint your lips with raspberry lipstick, like a doll. The key to a successful image in pink colors is a minimum of details and "girlish" textures . Numerous lace and ruffles, shiny satin fabric and a neckline to the navel are best left somewhere in a closet or store. Well, or use them in very small "doses."

Important! Most often, the problem of a funny and unfashionable outfit is not in its shade, but in the style of the thing, its length or material. Here's an example: a bright pink midi-length sheath dress, combined with heeled boats, looks concise and sexy. Now imagine a dress made of the same fabric, but barely covering what usually needs to be covered, and even in combination with stilettos and platform shoes. The second outfit looks vulgar and defiant, but not attractive at all.

Examples of interesting images in total pink

There are many options for combining pink things. Look at this cute image of Masha Viskunova, a famous beauty blogger. The girl chose for a walk the most delicate pink color suit from an oversized jacket and straight trousers with stripes. Pay attention to the cut: it is modern, not fitted . A little rigor was added to him by light boats. A cross-body bag and glasses in a stylish frame complemented the image wonderfully.

And here is a great example of a skillful combination of various fabric textures. There are no bright color accents in the dress of the model , the whole image is designed in the shade of a dusty rose . It would seem that it has everything: lace, knitwear, a fur coat under the “cheburashka”, but how cool it all looks together!

And here is an option for a date or a party. The outfit of this girl is one of the cutest among those that we saw! It was as if a pink dress with a large floral print was created to put on this summer coat in tone. An interesting detail is the shoes - their dark noses overlap with the pattern on the dress . Perfectly finished look.

And finally - a very bold combination. Something in high fashion style. It's all about lacquered raspberry over the knee boots, leaving under a voluminous sweater. This look does not look tasteless because it uses only two shades of pink : the sweater and coat are identical in color, and the over the knee boots and the chanel handbag act as an accent.