Total black: how to wear so as not to look mournful

The fashion for black in clothes was introduced by the famous Coco Chanel in the early twentieth century. She called it "absolute color." It was then that black ceased to be an exclusively mourning color and began to be used in everyday images. This color is to face almost everyone, great for different events and can be used in the daytime and evening hours without restrictions. But at the same time, total black is very dangerous, as it can make people around remember their "mourning" past.

How to choose total black clothes so you don’t get condolences

Black has already managed to be a classic and has long regained his rightful place on the fashionable pedestal. Every year they try to remove him from a leading position. But to achieve this is very difficult and, most likely, this will never happen.

However, wearing clothes in the style of total black must be correct so that the image does not turn out too mournful or boring. Stylists are advised to follow the rules:

  • choose textured things;
  • dilute the image with unusual accessories ;
  • select trending models that fit the figure ;
  • choose the right shoes .

Important! A totally black bow can be very interesting if you use trendy accessories or choose elegant and stylish outfits. Outerwear and shoes will only complement the stylish set.

In addition to the color and texture of the fabric, fashion designers note the importance of the style of the outfit. If this dress, it is better to give preference to the original models. Classic things will look too formal, as if you are constantly at work.

Cut and styles

Costumes and dresses of black color must be selected strictly according to the figure .

Important! This color is able to magically hide a few extra pounds. Therefore, a correctly selected suit will allow you to slightly adjust the silhouette.

Styles are selected according to the latest fashion. These should be trending models, for example, with an asymmetric edge or odor. Such models give sophistication to the image and elegance of a woman.

The dress should be well and professionally sewn, not have flaws in terms of cut. Even if the costume is not purchased at the most expensive boutique, it should look decent. Seams should be perfect .

Fabrics, textures

Using textured fabrics, it is very easy to make the total black look interesting and mesmerizing. It is enough to simply add a dress with a stylish varnish coat or use a velvet dress for evening out. The fabric will “play”, making the image attractive and elegant.

Important! Choose a model sewn from fabrics of different textures (silk and lace, wool and leather, etc.). Such outfits will never look like mourning.

Black does not tolerate a lack of self-care. The material should not have crumbs, dust particles or animal hair. This instantly spoils the entire set and negates the woman’s efforts to appear attractive.

How to dilute total black so as not to look mournful

Bright accessories or individual details will help to significantly dilute the thickened black paint.

Red items with a dark outfit look best. For example, a red handbag, shoes, a bracelet or even a headband on the hair.

Important! Do not overdo it with a variety of colors. Total black should remain so. The main task is to slightly dilute the thickened darkness.

How to choose shoes so that total black does not hint at mourning

To create a mourning look, usually women choose plain, dark clothes and the same shoes.

Important! To create a chic set of clothes and shoes in dark colors, you need to give preference to fairly open and sexy models.

Various types of shoes are suitable:

  • velor boots;
  • heeled patent leather shoes;
  • original heeled sandals;
  • over the knee boots and other models.

And you can just pick up stylish cowboy boots of the same black color, which are very fashionable this season, and look stunning.

The main thing is to choose the model of shoes that will be as comfortable as possible and suitable for creating a stylish, original set. A woman in the dark will look attractive and sexy.