TOP-9 trendy colors from Burda in the summer of 2019

In order to dress stylishly and be in trend, we offer you to get acquainted with the current and most fashionable shades in clothes in 2019. Rich juicy colors will help reveal your creativity. The summer bright color gamut will inspire creative ideas and the adoption of innovative solutions.

The most fashionable 9 shades of 2019 from Burda

1. Saffron

Very warm, bright and saturated color, like the summer sun.

It is perfect for brunettes, stylists offer it to girls and women of the "autumn" type.

2. Flamingo

The girlish gentle tone of saturated pink color has depth .

It is very pleasing to the eyes, emphasizes the blush and the first tan.

3. Olive

Many consider olive a dark and dull color, but this is a fallacy. Its juiciness and poise easily make it possible for any item of clothing in this shade to become the basis for a fashionable look.

Even in a solo decision, he looks elegant.

Non-standard beautiful combinations with olive will create blue and bright orange.

4. Azure

Bright sky blue is considered a classic for blondes, especially if you have blue or heavenly eyes. Pleasant attractive color.

Azure - a self-sufficient shade to wear a dress or a suit of this color separately.

Important! It also perfectly combines with almost the entire color palette. You can pick up the same rich colors in pairs.

5. Salmon

Very similar to coral, but not so pink.

His tenderness is a reflection of lightness, warmth and cheerful emotions.

6. Pistachio

Psychologists believe that he brings calm and inner energy.

It is easily combined with other basic shades. It looks playful and stylish.

7. Scarlet

This color is a bright holiday for which no reason is needed. In such a dress or suit you will always be in the spotlight .

Do not be afraid to look bright and fashionable!

8. Jade

Incredibly attractive light shade of the green spectrum, a mysterious coolness blows from it.

Important! Looks great in a romantic style, and also fits the office dress code.

9. Cobalt

The wonderful color of the predawn sky!

Luxurious magical shade, especially bewitching looks on fabrics with shine.

With these colors, you can create extraordinary stylish images for a bright summer. All two shades from Burda are incredibly beautiful, rich and vibrant, because in the summer you really want to be fashionable and irresistible.