TOP 10 very uncomfortable things, but sexual, according to men

There are terribly uncomfortable and impractical things in a women's wardrobe that cannot be worn for longer than a couple of hours. However, they seem to men especially sexual and attractive.

10 uncomfortable female things

1. High-heeled shoes

The place of honor is occupied by high-heeled shoes. To thank for them is the ancient Chinese, who for their beauty broke girls' feet. Modern designers came up with sandals with three stiletto heels.

When walking the foot every now and then tends to slide forward, and fingers literally have to be squeezed. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the shoes and the manufacturer. In any case , no one canceled the rapid fatigue of the legs, edema, a curved spine and vein diseases.

2. Corset

The victorious return of corsets became the second wave of feminism. They are soft and comfortable in design. However, despite all the improvements, breathing in them is still difficult.

3. Thong

Many girls are literally nervous about the feeling of a tiny rope on the body and the lack of buttock support. An improperly sized size can rub the body and cause irritation .

Gynecologists claim that this type of clothing is a carrier of bacteria. Mature women and those who are predisposed to cystitis should completely abandon such underwear.

Reference! If a woman likes to wear thongs, then it is advisable to use them occasionally, and not for daily wear.

4. Low-necked dresses

Dresses with a deep neckline can deliver a lot of inconvenience not only to girls with small breasts, but also to ladies with a lush bust. The former are forced to use a push up bra, which mercilessly squeezes and raises the chest. Lingerie, if it is chosen incorrectly, literally crashes into the back and sides, and also makes breathing difficult. The second category of ladies has to be constantly on the lookout so that impressive forms do not accidentally fall out.

Attention! One of the funniest episodes of Italian comedy is spaghetti falling off the neckline. Unfortunately, cases with things in a piquant place are found not only in the movies.

5. Dresses with an open back

In a dress with an open back, only women with a small bust can feel confident. Ladies with magnificent breasts have to constantly monitor the relief forms. Popular silicone linings are rarely effective.

6. Miniskirt

The miniskirt literally draws attention to the beautiful slender legs . At first glance, it seems completely harmless. However, a closer look reveals the following nuances:

  • The combination of a miniskirt and nylon tights is especially undesirable in the cool season . The danger lies in the fact that you can not only frostbite your legs, but also freeze your internal organs .
  • German doctors say that such skirts contribute to the development of cellulite . This is due to the fact that the body for protective purposes intensively accumulates fat in the most vulnerable places.
  • Hypothermia of the legs causes a slowdown in blood circulation, which negatively affects the cardiovascular system.
  • A narrow skirt must be constantly pulled, and a wide skirt should be held so as not to be blown away by the wind.

7. Pencil skirt

It would not be possible to move fully in such a skirt, unless minced with small steps . There is also a need to be careful: one or two extra servings - and it will be difficult to put on a skirt.

8. Stockings

Stockings are one of the most mysterious and attractive details of a women's wardrobe . They look especially sexy when it comes time to take them off. During the day, stockings require constant supervision, so that by chance one of them does not slip at the most inopportune moment.

9. Lacy underwear

Comfortable lace underwear certainly exists. However, the cost of such sets is quite high, and not everyone of the fair sex can afford them .

In addition, embossed lace will be visible under the thin fabrics. Therefore, most often such underwear is worn under tight clothes. With washing, there are also many difficulties, laces require delicate manual care.

10. Large earrings

Massive jewelry looks very impressive, emphasize the line of the neck and attract attention . They are literally able to hurt their owner.

The fact is that large accessories in most cases have considerable weight and strongly pull the earlobe . In addition, they become tangled in the hair, and then it is difficult to remove.

Many girls will do anything to look stylish and attract the attention of men. Indeed, for the sake of a loved one, you can tolerate a little. Not everyone is always ventured to wear these things.