TOP 10 things that are not recommended to be worn every day

Agree to make any sacrifices for the sake of beauty? Despite all the inconveniences, are you sure that only high heels will help you with this? But some things openly harm women's health. Let's talk about this in detail.

Danger to wear

Push-up bra

This lingerie model is very popular among women. Yes, it looks very beautiful - the raised rounded chest of the correct form attracts men's looks. But in reality, the used liners contribute to the deformation of the chest and provoke sagging. And all this is due to the fact that, accustomed to special support, the chest muscles weaken.

Another problem is the constriction of the blood vessels of the mammary glands, which is fraught with the development of various diseases.

Skinny jeans

This is the most versatile element of women's wardrobe. Wanting to focus on beautiful legs and hips, many fashionistas prefer narrow models. But their regular wearing disrupts the work of the whole circulatory system, which inevitably leads to the development of varicose veins and the appearance of cellulite symptoms .

The tight-fitting material deprives the skin of the ability to breathe, which leads to its redness and provokes an unpleasant bloating in the abdominal cavity . In addition, a cosmetic defect such as ingrown hairs may occur.

Skinny jeans are best left out of your wardrobe. Adolescents should also abandon the “pipes”, since they lead to a narrowed pelvis and further infertility . And the greatest danger is the defeat of the vessels of the internal organs located in the small pelvis.


Their sexuality is undeniable. But studies have confirmed the significant danger of this underwear to women's health. No wonder the thong is called nothing more than the "scourge of modernity." They absolutely do not protect our skin from the effects of a cold climate.

Moreover, constant traumatic friction in the groin area contributes to the occurrence of irritation, the spread of pathogens that cause female diseases.

Especially harmful are panties made of synthetics, which disrupts heat and moisture exchange, which causes diaper rash and fungal infections in the intimate area.


Wanting to always be “on top”, many women go overboard with a stretch. Remember to be careful, otherwise big problems with blood circulation in the small pelvis and the gastrointestinal tract are inevitable.

Tight nylon tights

No woman can do without this element of clothing. Going to the office or to a party, girls and women always wear them to give the created image an elegance and emphasize the harmony of the legs.

If new tights create a lasting feeling of discomfort in the abdominal area, feel free to discard them. Transmission of internal organs is very harmful. In addition, with frequent wear, nylon contributes to the greenhouse effect by retaining moisture .

As a result, the development of vaginal infections. A draining effect disrupts the functioning of blood vessels, so that varicose manifestations and cellulite are inevitable.


In the cold, we love to wrap ourselves in this soft and so comfortable clothes. You ask, what danger can be hidden in this case? A tight-fitting warm thing creates the conditions for the propagation of microorganisms of an infectious nature.

This inevitably leads to irritation on the skin, can cause intolerable itching and "thrush . " Suffering from chronic vulvitis or vaginitis, doctors advise to completely abandon pajamas and underwear during night sleep.

Heavy shoulder bag

The postulate is widely known: a woman and heaviness are incompatible things . But in life everything looks different. In one fell swoop, cross out the attractiveness of the female image, ruin the posture, strengthen the feeling of fatigue is quite within the power of a large heavy bag thrown over his shoulder. Of course, always having everything at hand is convenient. But do not forget that this also harms your health.

The constant carrying of a bag on the same shoulder overloads the joint and shifts the vertebral discs. So, dangerous scoliosis or osteochondrosis may well develop.

Important! Improperly distributed weight leads to overstrain, pinching of muscles and nerve roots, impaired blood supply to the brain.

High heels

The concepts of femininity and harmony are invariably associated with the wearing of "hairpins". Any woman knows about this. But you can’t go to them all day long in any case. Otherwise, for such beauty you will have to pay dearly for back pain and swelling of the legs. And chic appeal can turn into intervertebral hernias and acquired stoop. No less sad are the diseases of the foot joints, coupled with painful "dry" calluses.

Of course, no self-respecting woman can imagine her life without such elegant shoes. Remember: this shoe is good only in a special case. And at the slightest discomfort, it is better to immediately replace it with a more convenient one.

Flat shoes

Agree, the danger of seemingly harmless "ballet shoes" or sandals causes some bewilderment. But experts warn of their great harm to health due to the uneven distribution of the load on the surface of the foot and the lack of depreciation during walking.

Among the unpleasant consequences:

  • expansion of veins and their loss of elasticity;
  • Flattening of the foot and the acquisition of flat feet;
  • pain in the feet and spine;
  • wrapping of the bones of the foot inward as a club-foot, which leads to deformation of the knees and hip joints.

Important! To avoid this, frequent alternation of the same men's style shoes with boots and shoes with a small or medium heel will help.


Without this fashion accessory it is impossible to do in bright sunny weather. But in no case do not wear them in the evening or indoors in low light . In this case, a strain of vision is inevitable, which increases the risk of developing cataracts.

Pay particular attention to the cleanliness and absence of cracks in the lenses. Do not buy glasses if their glasses are not equipped with UV filters . Their harm to the eyes is too great.

Every woman wants to look attractive. But, dressing stylishly and fashionably, do not forget about your health.