Top 10 Budget Breathable Running Shoes for the Summer

Maybe there will be no heat. But non-hot summers also require a special approach to shoes, especially sports shoes. It’s easy to choose sneakers in which the legs don’t “weld” - because their developers took care of this!

2019 sneakers that can be worn in the heat

The main requirement for sneakers for the summer is lightness and blowout. And of course, buying them should not cause irreparable damage to the budget!

1. Adidas Tennis HU

Comfortable outsole, mesh upper, design for tennis shoes, many color options - all this makes the budget Adidas version multifunctional. You can use it for the specified purpose (on the tennis court) or go for a walk along the city streets, put it on work (if the color is not too throw, and the boss is not too strict) or for a run.

Important! It is undesirable to get into them in the rain!

Cost: 5150 rubles.

2. Puma Basket

This thing is an honored veteran in the world of sports shoes: its first version appeared in the early 70s. Since then, the model has changed somewhat, but its main features are preserved:

  • simplicity and sharpness of lines;
  • elegance;
  • compactness and light weight.

Perfect for shorts and jeans, and a short sports dress!

Cost: 3500 rubles.

3. Reebok Zoku Runner

Presented in many colors, sneakers can be considered one of the best options for everyday wear. For a small price, we get a silhouette that is devoid of the cumbersomeness that Reebok is accustomed to, an ultranit upper that allows the foot to “breathe” in the most severe heat, and a sole made of comfortable foam material. The model is shown thin-skinned: its design is seamless, and the risk of rubbing the leg is almost zero.

Cost: 5190 rubles.

4. ASICS Tiger Gel-Kayano Trainer Knit

A true synthesis of high technology and fantasy designers! Comfortable sneakers with excellent cushioning and stylish design: side “tiger” strips perform, in addition to decorative, the function of reinforcing the frame of the product. The tread and monolithic heel part create additional protection, which allows them to be actively used for running and other sports activities.

Important! Quite wide, these sneakers may look disadvantageous on thin legs. Especially for women.

Cost: 4940 rubles.

5. Nike Grandstand II

One more thing with the story: sneakers appeared in 1992 as an alternative to tennis shoes. After a quarter of a century, they are still in demand for fine summer days, thanks to the uncomplicated elegance, the ability to "fit" into most of the current styles, and comfortable to wear. Perforated leather, padded insole, comfortable lacing - what more could you want?

Cost: 3770 rubles.

6. Nike Air Huarache

Called by the people huarachs, these sneakers have earned universal recognition due to their ability to withstand harsh loads without losing their “face”. The leg in them does not sweat and does not get tired, which makes them especially popular among runners and athletic walkers. And not even one year!

Advice! And shoes that are resistant to severe trials must be cleaned, ventilated and dried in a timely manner, periodically giving it a “day off”.

Cost: 3490 rubles.

7. Nike Sock Dart

Really - the juice itself! Especially for the summer and those who are too lazy to tie shoelaces: the model is equipped with rivets, and in general their appearance is very futuristic (which caused controversy about their right to exist back in 2004). Convenience and quality of the model are not satisfactory, and the appearance can confuse. But it will help

become more noticeable against the general background!

Cost: 5390 rubles.

8. Nike Flyknit Racer

The combination of increased comfort and incredible style, which provided the model with the title of a new classic! The interweaving of multi-colored threads looks catchy and fashionable, and the familiar brand name looks against this background as an unusual pattern. Suitable for inveterate athletes and lovers of comfort indifferent to sports: the sole perfectly absorbs the foot of any severity, allowing you to walk for a long time. The rather high edges of the sneakers will help to hide the sock from prying eyes.

Cost: 5490 rubles.

9. Nike Air Woven PRM

Ideal for everyday wear, if their owner is not afraid to stand out: bright and light, comfortable and stylish. Thanks to the dense nylon base, they are suitable for running and for walking: they fix the foot well, preventing annoying consequences in the form of scuffs. Very comfortable lacing! The white color of the sole is quite easily soiled, but washing in a machine easily copes with this. Not the most budget option.

Advice! It is better to wash any model of sneakers at a temperature of no higher than thirty degrees - already at forty shoe glue begins to dissolve. And do not forget to shake out the sand first: washing machines do not tolerate contact with it!

Cost: 9990 rubles.

10. Nike Sportswear Mayfly Woven

These running shoes were designed for runners. Initially, their disposability was assumed, and even the name was borrowed from a one-day fly (“Mayfly”). Soon, however, practicality triumphed, and sneakers became more viable. You can shoe them not only for jogging - soft suede and fashionable lacing make them a worthy participant in the city bow.

Advice! Is the office dress code too harsh? Then these stylish shoes will fit as boots!

Cost: 5090 rubles.