Things, the main trends of fall-2019

Famous designers and fashion houses, as always, do not let us relax! Collections fall - winter 2019–2020 urge every woman to choose a few new things for the upcoming fall. We were offered an incredible variety of trends, models, color combinations. All of them, of course, cannot be collected in the wardrobe of one woman. But there are things that must necessarily appear in it!

What should be in the wardrobe in the fall-2019

In a nutshell, the fall-2019 will be extraordinary, vibrant and diverse .


  • First about the bright! Violet gamma continues to be popular : lilac, lavender, violet, plum. Things in these colors are worth a closer look. They look advantageous, have a mysterious flair: they change the shade when changing lighting.
  • This year on the catwalks there was a real riot of color: lemon, orange, blue, emerald, red .
  • The prints did not go unnoticed : the "buffalo" cage, argyle, peas, and millefleur . Continues to please fashionistas and animalistic design . Everything is fashionable, be it a zebra, a leopard or a python.


Let's start with trousers, because it is they who wear most of the cold period.

Reference! The trend is trousers with flirts, high waist, flared, palazzo, bananas.

In tissues, as in cut, diversity is also observed:

  • denim, wool, velveteen - for every day;
  • velvet - on the way out.


The statement of fashion cyclicality is an axiom. In confirmation of this, a kind of hello from the 70s: colored tights and midi skirts .

If not every fashionista decides to try on tights, for example, in canary color, then there are hardly any complaints about the skirt covering the knee. On the contrary, the length of the "midi" is convenient and practical .

Reference! Midi skirt hides defects of the upper legs, lengthens and makes the silhouette more slim. It is easily combined with a variety of "tops": blouses, cardigans, turtlenecks.

Options for the top

Speaking of turtlenecks . They are an indispensable attribute of next fall . A turtleneck under a blouse, under a sweatshirt, a hoodie and even a satin top will be appropriate in any situation.

Now about what things do not need to be parted yet .

  • Cozy and comfortable oversized clothing in cool, windy weather is always welcome. A soft loose sweater or sweatshirt will all be worn.
  • A jacket must be added to them, necessarily free, rectangular and with a clear shoulder line . To make the image ultra-modern, it is proposed to purchase a strap and gird. The same strap is useful to indicate the waist of a dress or coat.

Pants also complement well elongated jackets, knitted cardigans with voluminous patterns, cropped hoodies, loose coats.

Important! Deliberately emphasized shoulders - one of the main trends of the season.


Without a cloak or cape - cape - in the fall can not do. Pay attention to those that take into account the latest trends.

For example, visually increases the shoulders of the havlock, in other words - a cape with a cape . It should be acquired in the near future in order to be "fully armed" in early autumn.

Don't like capes and drape? Then pick up a military-style raincoat or a bright trench coat .

Late autumn is sometimes more reminiscent of winter. To protect against cold weather, warmer garments are required than a jacket or trench coat. A great solution is a bomber jacket . Which one to buy? Just do not faceless! With a metallic sheen, with a print - yes! With spectacular decorations - yes too!

What shoes are relevant in fall-2019

Shoes with square toes, rough martins and grinders boots continued on the catwalks .

Important! Modern fashion insists that “work” shoes and a lace skirt are a perfectly harmonious duet.

White sneakers will not give up their positions. They turned out to be so versatile that they alone could replace ballet flats, sneakers, and even classic shoes. They "fit" not only in sports style, but also in casual, in a business suit, "feel" perfectly in the neighborhood with romantic skirts and blouses.

In the fall it is advisable to have feminine high boots . How tall? The shows were attended by both knee-high models and treads. The latter sometimes encircled the leg much higher than the middle of the thigh.

Important! Treads are an ambiguous wardrobe item. They always look spectacular. But with the “wrong clothes” (tight-fitting mini, deep neckline, body tights) add a touch of vulgarity to the image.

fashionable accessories

From this summer, headbands and headbands will smoothly move into autumn . They will continue to adorn the female head and “keep in obedience” naughty locks of hair.

The question “what to wear on the head” was decided simply by the designers: a scarf . Whether it is silk or suede, plain or “painted” is a matter of personal preference.

Stop having the courage to put on a bucket hat ? Just such a headdress was presented at once by several designers at the Paris Fashion Week.

The completion of the image has always been considered bags, hats, glasses and gloves. Nobody encroaches on this tradition, but there will be changes in the ways of its implementation. Most likely, the year will be remembered for a fashion for long gloves and micro handbags, more reminiscent of a case for a mobile phone. What fits in this size? "What for! A bag is an adornment, a fashionable little thing, not a shopper, ”the couturier decided.

We will see what of the trends "will take root", that ladies will love, that will move from this autumn-winter season to the next one. It is always interesting to watch the development of fashion trends. And at the same time we will replenish the wardrobe with fashionable little things, preparing to meet the fall fully armed!