Things that can ruin your look

Even the most seemingly expensive clothes or accessories can mercilessly ruin your look if you choose the wrong combinations and illiterate accents in the outfit. However, there are things that in any case will look "cheap", even if you really tried to harmoniously fit them into your image. What should not be worn so as not to spoil your appearance, and what has long been considered bad manners?

White bag

Even the most expensive white bag will look cheap and rustic. It's all about the treacherously provincial appearance of white. It seems that the image is perfectly matched, all the accessories only complement the outfit, but definitely something superfluous. And this is a white bag. Even if it is made of genuine leather and you have been saving money for it for a long time, it can mercilessly destroy your style. Replace it with a bag of any other light shade: beige, caramel, pale pink, and you will immediately notice the difference. The same applies to snow-white shoes, which have long earned the title of "wedding attribute".

Bandage around the neck

In this case, we are not talking about demi-season scarves made of wool or large acrylic knit. It's about small silk scarves that are tied to the side and simply dazzle with their bright colors and brilliance. Many ladies mistakenly believe that such a detail will pay attention to the neck, add a spectacular touch to the image and make it unusual. But this is far from the case. Such an accessory is suitable only if you decide to create a retro look - a bright dress with a full skirt, low-heeled shoes and a “corolla of the world” hairstyle. In other cases, this accessory will only spoil your appearance.

Shiny tights

If you are not an employee of a company where you adhere to a strict dress code or do not go for an interview, then send shiny beige tights to the end of the box, as stylists have long been believed that wearing body tights, you commit a crime against fashion. Replace this part of the wardrobe with opaque tights of the color "mocha", and you will immediately notice a significant difference.


Incorrectly selected accessories can also mercilessly ruin the look. The rims give the image a certain provinciality and rusticity, even if they are perfectly matched to the tone along. Perhaps this accessory can rightly be attributed to the category of children's and teenage jewelry.

Too sharp shoes

Shoes with extremely long sharp noses give the image coarseness and clumsiness. And, in fact, they have long gone out of fashion. No matter how you try to choose the right outfit for such shoes, nothing good will come of it. If you do not want to get a reprimand from the “Fashionable Sentence”, you should refuse such shoes. Better yet, throw it away so that there is no temptation to risk putting them on.

Afghani trousers

As soon as this part of the wardrobe is not called: afghanis, aladdins, pants with a low elephant ... According to stylists, they are able to spoil any, even perfect figure and, as a rule, do not suit anyone. They visually shorten their legs, “break” the correct proportions of the body and simply disfigure any person. If you have just decided to purchase such trousers, then it is better not to spend money, but to prefer denim shorts or breeches.

Underwear peeking out from under the clothes.

Needless to say that this not only spoils your image, but also looks vulgar and ridiculous? The time of frankness is long gone, now the trend is practicality, convenience and minimalism. The same applies to small linen, which pulls the figure and is visible from under the clothes. Try to get clothes not only in size, but also in good quality, then such problems will not arise.