Things that age women

The desire to look younger than their age is characteristic of any woman. Girls under 25 do not experience such a problem, and this is natural. But for those “who are for ...” it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with young young ladies in the struggle for the attention of the opposite sex. It is known that if you choose the right wardrobe, then it is quite possible (purely outwardly) to lose a dozen years. On the contrary, the wrong selection of things can make you older .

A woman is surprised when she begins to give way to public transport at 30. And the fact is that the youthful things that she is used to do not at all make her younger. The effect is just the opposite.

IMPORTANT! Always be attentive and responsible to the formation of the wardrobe. In no case at 30 years old do not choose things that are intended for young ladies.

What clothes adds a woman years

Many women have no idea how to dress to look younger. We will tell you what should not be worn by those who do not want to look older than their age.

Old fashioned things

One of the most important ways to not become outwardly older is to get rid of clothes that are long out of fashion. Imagine a woman who back in the 90s fell in love with voluminous shoulders, which were then in trend. Such a model, it is worth putting it on today, immediately tells the age.

Indeed, if the little thing is about 30 years old, then her mistress is much older. You hope others admire how young you look. And the jacket openly hints that you are just a stubbornly young woman!

At the same time, it is not absolutely necessary to follow exclusively the latest fashion trends - this is already too much. But it’s still necessary to catch some general tendencies.

Solid costumes also went beyond fashion. Usually this kit is put on in the office. But let the jacket and trousers (skirt) be at least a little different shades. It will revitalize your image, make it look a little younger and, undoubtedly, more attractive.

Ugly and too bright

It is important to pay attention to color. Women in clothes of one of earthy, nondescript colors look very bad. Such things will add to you for several years, and the skin on your face will acquire a shade of unhealthy pallor.

Too bright clothes will not rejuvenate you too much . On the contrary, such a mismatch with age will play a trick on you.

But things of light, but not causing colors - this is exactly what you need .


The now popular over-size clothes, which are commonly called hoodies, should also be sent to the furnace. It is suitable only for young girls who do not need to look even younger.

Advice! If you really want to buy an oversize jacket, then let at least all the rest of the clothes be strictly in shape.

Floral dresses and sweaters

Knitted sweaters or dresses in a bright flower are unusually aging. They are usually sold in markets at very affordable prices. This, of course, is tempting, but an approved kind of “image” will be age-related. Especially if you wear a black skirt for Grandma’s jacket.


The same can be said of any other clothes from the distant past. The elegant great-grandmother's little thing in the fashion of those years can be perfectly preserved as a family relic. Young girls in such things will look very cute. Here the concept of "connection or continuity of generations."

But ladies who at different times crossed the thirty-year milestone should not risk it ! They will look like relics of the past.

Let the vintage dear to the heart take pride of place in the closet. Sometimes even wear it, but limit yourself to going to the mirror, and do not go outside.

Heavy tissue

Closely adjacent to this are clothes made of heavy fabrics. B arhat and atlas, of course, look rich, but they do not look young.

Shoes that make older

The choice of the "right" shoe is no less important.

The following types of shoes are directly contraindicated :

  • shoes with lacing - they are suitable only for teenagers;
  • massive platforms from the 70s - they greatly weigh down the lower body;
  • sports sandals - make the leg heavier;
  • Mary Jane shoes - they immediately turn a not yet old woman into a pensioner, whose main joy is the company of their own kind on a bench in the park.

Advice! A good option is open sexy high-heeled shoes. Elegant and comfortable - moccasins, espadrilles and loafers.

Accessories and jewelry that age

Accessories and jewelery at the age of over 30 should also be treated with caution . The main thing when choosing is to show taste and a sense of proportion.


  • All jewelry with pendants, especially gold ones, are definitely not suitable.
  • Diamonds, rhinestones, a lot of beads are also not the best option.
  • The same can be said about jewelry with large stones .

Important! Of course, this does not mean that you need to abandon gold or massive jewelry with large stones. You just need to keep in mind that visually younger in this case will not succeed.


  • A black classic bag will not make you younger.
  • Frankly outdated option - a bag in the color of shoes .
  • Excessive brightness of the accessory should also be avoided . Some restraint and conservatism, on the contrary, will not hurt.

IMPORTANT! A classic with some chic is what you need. No avant-garde, no flirty romance. Only naturalness and harmony.

And the last one. The main thing is not clothes at all. Much more important is the attitude towards oneself. It is important to love yourself - then you will always be young!