Terry towel sizes

Towel - an invariable attribute of the bathroom, bath and kitchen. In modern stores, a huge assortment of products of this kind is presented, differing in material, color, size and quality. Due to the impressive variety of towels, it is sometimes quite difficult to make the right choice. Large bath towels, which are soft and fluffy, are especially fond of.

Types and sizes of standard towels

Depending on the functional purpose, all towels are usually divided into the following varieties:

  • bath-houses (made mainly of cotton, bamboo and modal);
  • for the face, arms and legs (from a fairly dense terry cloth);
  • kitchen (made of cotton, linen, bamboo and microfiber);
  • massage (for their manufacture using a mix of flax and cotton);
  • beach (from flax or cotton, covered with a looped pile about 5 mm long).

Standard towel sizes:

  • guest rooms - 30x30, 30x50, 35x35;
  • kitchen - 50x70;
  • bath-houses - 70x140, 80x160, 90x160;
  • for the face - 50x85, 50x90, 50x100;
  • for hands - 50x90;
  • for legs - 50x70;
  • massage - 80x200;
  • beach - 100x150, 150x250, 160x200.

How to choose the right size?

If you need to choose the right option for your face, the best choice would be a product measuring 50x85 cm. For use after a shower, a model of 70x140 cm is perfect.

For trips and business trips, you can take a small shower product measuring 50x100 cm. The most comfortable option for the beach is 100x150 cm. You can completely wrap yourself in such a product or lie down, laying it first on a deck chair.

Necessary qualities for a terry towel

The main characteristics to which special attention should be paid are size and material. The quality of the purchased product and its service life depends on the material. Color also matters, but is a secondary characteristic.


An important role in choosing the appropriate option is played by the tactile sensations that occur when the towel comes in contact with the face and body. It is unlikely that someone will like to use a prickly and hard product. Therefore, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the composition of the fabric. The most pleasant to the touch are considered models made from natural materials.


According to conventional wisdom, the longer the pile of such a product, the more soft and fluffy it will be. Nevertheless, the length of the pile, although it affects the size of the towel, is far from always a guarantee of its quality.

Experienced housewives prefer to purchase products with a pile up to 5 mm long. Models with a longer pile in most cases lose their softness and acceptable appearance immediately after the first wash. A similar thing fails too early and takes on an untidy appearance.

Too short a pile is also not considered a good option. This will adversely affect the absorbency of the product. Such a towel will get wet too quickly and it will be unpleasant to use it.


If the high hygroscopicity of such a product is of paramount importance, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the yarn from which it was made. Those models with more than 80% natural material are the best absorb moisture.

Towels made of Pakistani or Egyptian cotton are considered the highest quality in this regard. It is also recommended to pay attention to the type of yarn used. The best option with the highest absorbency is considered combed yarn.


This indicator depends on how long this product will last. The standard term is 3 years, but with insufficient density this period can be significantly reduced. There is no density information on the labels.

Reference! You can determine the density of the product after weighing it. For example, the weight of a bath towel is 490 g, and the size is 80x140 cm. This means that the density of such a product will be approximately 500 g per 1 m².

It is also recommended to pay attention to the following nuances when choosing:

  • the towel should be dyed evenly;
  • a product of acceptable quality will never crumble;
  • a high-quality towel should not have third-party synthetic odors.

Having become acquainted with the main types, sizes and features of the choice of towels, you can safely proceed to the selection of a suitable option.