Terrible women politicians who obviously can't dress

Everybody remembers the folk wisdom that they are met by clothes . The famous trendsetter Coco Chanel continued this topic, somehow dropping the phrase: "You will not have a second chance to make a first impression . "

But not all famous people take into account that exactly what they are wearing depends on how they will be perceived, and do not pay enough attention to their wardrobe.

Let's see what mistakes in choosing clothes make famous women politicians.

Angela Merkel

A woman who managed to hold onto the high post of Chancellor of Germany for 14 years in a row should learn how to dress according to her position and figure. But Angela stubbornly does not change the style - a jacket to the middle of the thigh and trousers.

True, the Chancellor’s jackets in the arsenal are enormous. One Dutch designer, inspired by the palette of their colors, was inspired to create a photo collage from Merkel's jackets, laying them out in shades. This photo immediately got the name Panton Merkel and went for a walk around the Internet. How many shades do you think? You'll never guess - as many as 90!

But the trouble is - any, even the most expensive jacket looks at Mrs. Merkel, as if "from someone else's shoulder." And the invariable length to the middle of the thigh (and this with the silhouette of a “pear”!) Makes the figure of a woman even more overweight. Trousers always hang down, and jackets, on the contrary, tighten in the chest and constrain movement.

Apparently, having read posts on social networks about her costumes that are not very pleasant for the average person, Merkel decided to change her image. When Barack Obama visited Berlin, the Chancellor met him in a flare from his hip. A similar outfit, which with the light hand of bloggers immediately got the name "Pythagorean Pants", not only amused the audience, but also outraged the designers.

Karl Lagerfeld advised the female politician to "dress in accordance with the proportions of the figure." But, as practice has shown, Merkel did not listen to the words of the master and continued to fill the wardrobe with bad taste.

Theresa May

Theresa May is due to leave the post of British Prime Minister in the near future, but she will certainly not cease to be a politician. So the people will continue to monitor its outings, actively discussing each fold on the dress.

At first glance, there is nothing to complain about in the wardrobe of the famous British - strict dark suits, as befits her high position, white blouses. But if we decide to find fat cons, we will definitely find them! First of all, these are jewelry - voluminous and simply huge, which are designed to distract the interlocutor's attention from the very feminine attribute - the chest - and make him concentrate on his face and throat.

But even this strict lady couldn’t help getting pierced, having once put on leopard-print boats. And at the reception at the queen I struck those present with high varnished boots. Another lady prime minister is famous for her passion for huge bags. But what to put in them, if there is always a bunch of helpers nearby ?!

An unpretentious image of Mrs. May helped one of the microbloggers gain fame. With the light hand of a girl who compared the dresses of a female prime minister with TRESemme brand shampoos (say the name of the Englishwoman and the name of the shampoo aloud and make sure they sound very similar), her post on Twitter turned out to be 95 thousand likes.

And the last nail in the lid of the May style coffin was hammered by a cut on the skirt, so beloved by the prime minister. With her wide gait, stripping her legs and opening her knees is completely inappropriate! And why, in fact, be surprised if Vivienne Westwood, who previously had a chance to dress a group ... Sex Pistols, is working on the design of Theresa May's clothes.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovich

The first woman president in Croatia has mouth-watering forms and skillfully hides her not-so-successful “inverted triangle” figure. But we will find mistakes in any style! Kolinda occasionally indulges in flared dresses, and with her disproportionate silhouette, she looks very short in such an outfit.

Despite the fact that the president exceeded fifty dollars, she does not shun bright colors in her images and just loves lace. But even when, according to a strict dress code, Mrs. Grabar-Kitarovich has to wear something restrained, she will still show her “I” with some bright accent. But not with the bright colors (mainly red and pink) with which a woman politician surprises her voters. She still gravitates to colorful prints.

Kersti Kaljulayd

But who can be criticized to the smallest extent is the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid. Her outfits are more reminiscent of the costumes of a Soviet teacher, such a gray mouse. In addition, they look cheap and not status. Kersti often appears in public in boring plain suits that went out of fashion ten years ago.

On it you can see short dresses of a simple cut, except that decorated with many buttons. One of the costumes of this politician, fashion designer Maxim Khlebnikov dubbed "identical to our ancestors."

Erna Sulberg

The Norwegian Prime Minister is not particularly concerned about her appearance. Dresses, like on Erne Sulberg, can be seen at grandmothers in the wilderness. Stylists advised the politician to choose clothes that visually slim her. Erna did not obey wise advice and did not turn to strict lines, vertical, play of color, dense and flowing textures. Apparently, because his spouse likes and such - poorly dressed and groomed.

Ivanka Trump

With millions of advisers to American President Ivanka Trump, it would seem that you just can’t look bad. And usually this former model impresses with the exquisite taste, beauty and high cost of its designer dresses. But even an old woman happens to be a bummer - punctures happen even with the daughter of Donald Trump.

The audience criticized her ridiculous outfit with bows on her sleeves, which would be appropriate for a graduate of the 80s, but not for a modern lady. Someone on the net compared her silver dress for 4 thousand dollars with a “thermal blanket for a little refugee”. Ivanka also had an “outfit of a pregnant hare” in her arsenal, and a dress in the style of Elloch-cannibal “chic-shine”. And for Halloween, the beauty generally dressed up in a "dress from the grandmother's chest." Paparazzi once removed her father’s adviser in a crumpled dress, another time in a dress with a hump, and the blue double-breasted jacket was dubbed “an old and grumpy business lady's costume”. So, as you can see, money and power do not always lead to style and grace.

Elvira Nabiullina

The chairman of the Central Bank, and now the adviser to President Elvira Nabiullina, cannot master the basics of business style. It seems that she made a haircut fashionable, and painted over gray hair, and bought glasses in a modern frame. But for some reason, she came to the Stock Exchange Forum at home, wearing a flower blouse and a knitted cardigan.

Considering the wardrobe of a woman of high flight, designers grab their heads due to continuous mistakes of style. Ms. Nabiullina manages to combine colorful blouses and round-necked jackets, a mandarin collar and a deaf black suit, as well as lace, velvet vests, and linen safari-style costumes in her closet. And where only does she buy all this ?!

Yulia Timoshenko

The wardrobe of a woman who never managed to become president, but had a chance to sit in the chair of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, was not discussed unless by the lazy one. Some praised the outfits of the politician to the point of insanity, while others mercilessly criticized. And all because Yulia Tymoshenko changed clothes three times a day. Designers simply got off their feet in order to come up with something new for the prime minister, so very often they quickly built a dress or coat using the already existing patterns, exactly the same, “but with pearl buttons, ” changing only the color of the fabric. But all these little things and frills could not distract the attention of the townsfolk, who subconsciously felt that in front of them was still not a Barbie doll, but a woman tank.

The Observer site even brought together 100 photos of the politician in different clothes at once and published in the article “6 months = 100 outfits = 1.5 million”. Is this not the dream of every self-respecting woman ?!

But today we are not talking about the amount of clothing from famous people, but about their shortcomings. Surprisingly, we also found them in Yulia Tymoshenko. The dresses of the current deputy of the Ukrainian parliament in the overwhelming majority of one silhouette - in the style of the 60-70s of the last century (and again the association with the “Diamond Hand” and pearl buttons!) Many women with a “pear” figure consider this a drawback and try to hide their charms. But not Julia Vladimirovna, who invariably emphasizes them in every possible way. Whether it is good or bad is up to you, dear readers.