Ten shades in clothing to help visually rejuvenate your face

At all times, the fair sex sought to maintain their youth as long as possible. In the modern world, where the industry of beauty and cosmetology is very developed, it is much easier to do this. Of course, the most effective way to prolong youth is plastic surgery. However, not all women can use such a cardinal way to preserve youth and beauty. A correctly selected hairstyle, make-up and wardrobe of the most suitable shades can perfectly cope with this.

All things in the wardrobe of a lady over 40 should be as light as possible. They visually lighten the skin. While dark colors only emphasize the existing age-related defects.

The older the woman’s age, the more light colors should be present in her wardrobe!

Not suitable for ladies over 40 and overly bright colors. Besides the fact that they are able to add extra age, they look quite ridiculous. Allowed only the addition of small bright accessories.

Do not forget about the correctly selected clothing style. Each element should emphasize the merits of the figure, while hiding the flaws.

The main word that characterizes the wardrobe of women who have crossed the 40-year frontier is elegance!

When choosing the most suitable shades of clothing, it is worth considering a factor such as hair color. After all, brunettes and blondes suit completely different tones.

Five shades in clothes that rejuvenate blondes

For owners of blond hair, the most suitable are:

  • Purple. Lavender or lilac gives its owner a dreaminess that is inherent in young age. It is quite universal so it is suitable for any shade of blond. This color goes well with milky white, beige, deep chocolate, green tones. The most important thing is not to make a mistake and not to acquire things of a more saturated violet color, since it very unprofitable emphasizes the existing dark circles under the eyes;
  • Light pink. It can be either cold or creamy. He is able to give the face the necessary freshness. Perfectly in harmony with darker pink, gray, turquoise and in combination with accessories in black or brown;
  • Light turquoise. A hue similar to spring foliage. Very fresh and at the same time tender. It is combined with milky white, cream and chocolate tones. For owners of darker blond hair, a combination with anthracite or graphite flowers will also be ideal. However, do not forget that dark tones should be present only as accessories, for example, a belt or handbag;
  • Citric. Lemon yellow is suitable for courageous and confident ladies. It is quite demanding and complex, so it is not suitable for everyone. To wear things of lemon tone, you must have a figure without flaws. Harmonizes with milky white, cream, beige, deep blue and orange;
  • Soft turquoise. Significantly refreshes the face, makes the skin visually lighter, and gives the whole look softness and softness. The mint shade is combined with a contented extensive palette, from white to rich chocolate. It is also universal and perfect for owners of dark hair.

Five shades to rejuvenate brunettes

For owners of dark hair, the following colors are suitable:

  • Mustard. This complex shade of yellow can literally energize its owner. However, it has a small nuance that is worth considering. If a woman has dark skin, then it is desirable that the top is mustard, if the skin is fair, then the bottom. It goes well with orange, beige, gray and beard;
  • Almond. By itself, it is quite faded. Therefore, it needs to be combined with other tones, for example, white, cream, purple or pale blue. So he is able to very beneficially emphasize the color of hair and give the skin freshness;
  • Coral. A very beautiful and playful color that gives its owner coquetry and romance. It goes well with white, blue, chocolate, milk cream tones;
  • Indigo. Pretty rich and active shade. Therefore, it gives the image decisiveness. It is good in itself, but it can be combined with white, lemon, red and black;
  • Baby blue. Cold enough and at the same time very light and romantic. Makes the image mysterious and dreamy. It harmonizes with warm colors: sand, chocolate, golden and peach. As turquoise is universal, it will therefore look good on owners of blond hair.

Why is it so important to choose a shade of clothes for hair color

The choice of the most suitable color depends not only on the color of the skin and eyes, but also on the shade of the hair. An incorrectly selected tone can turn any lady into a gray mouse, emphasize all the flaws of the figure and skin defects. So, for example, bright and saturated colors will look inappropriate for owners of fair hair and skin. At the same time, all the advantages are emphasized and make the image of a brunette harmonious.

Therefore, when visiting the store, it is worth considering all the nuances so that the selected outfit becomes a real decoration.